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    Long story body has awful reactions to hormone birth control pills/injections/patch etc. My fiance and I have been having this birth control battle for a while now and though this is embarrassing I thought I might find some help here since so many of us have such nasty reactions to medications.

    I'm considering using an IUD even though at first the idea terrified me and was completely out of the question. With some reasearch I've found that my fears were simply because of one type of IUD that was so horrific and is no longer on the market. In fact IUDs are over all one of the most popular forms of birth control in the world. The only type of IUD I would be able to use is a "copper" one. The other type has the hormone in it that I have such horrible reacitons to. This whole copper idea scares me a bit. How healthy can it be to have certain amounts of copper in your uterus?! Just wondering if anybody has ever used a copper IUD or other non hormone form of birth control. The diaphragm isn't something we're interested in...we'd rather stick with condoms over that for many reasons. Sorry for the rather taboo post but I'm just trying to be very, very, very well informed before I make any kind of decision.
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    copper.... ;-)

    I had a Cu7 (copper) IUD a long time ago. I did have several yeast infections, but I also have a sensitivity to metals and that may have been a factor. Beyond that it was fine. (Make sure they cut the string/filament/whatever short enough. My fiance at the time could, um, feel it.)
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    Then the pill, it didn't work because of my IBS. Hence, my first child.

    I didn't use anything after the first. Had trouble TTC. When Mika was born, I had my tubes tied.

    Good luck, it is a LONG road. To be honest, the thing that worked the BEST for me was the Sponge. Then they took it off the market.

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    After the birth of our second daughter, I had an IUD inserted and had it in place for several years only removing it once and replacing it.

    Then, I did get an infection, and had to have it removed. Four months later, I conceived my four 1/2 year old!

    I never had any problems, and the infection was due to something else NOT the IUD.

    As a childbirth and Sex educator I recommend testing for copper substance, as mentioned before.
    And as I tell my students, until you are ready to have children, protect and educate!
    You are wise to ask questions!
    BTW...this is not taboo, this is called BEING RESPONSIBLE!!!

    Good luck,
    Let us know how things go and what you decide.

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    so much for your replies. My brain is filled to the max with birth control information. lol What I found really strange and interesting is that with the sponge, chance of pregnancy is about 9% but with just spermicide it's only 6%. Strange. But I very much appreciate your input and will be going back to my doc yet again to discuss my options. She's just amazing. I hope every woman can have a doc as fabulous as she is.

    Last question for those who went for the IUD. Did you experience a lot of extra menstrual bleeding and cramping? I already have near labor pain cramps (it's genetic, and i almost hope i never have a daughter to pass that onto lol) I'm just curious if this really is a common side effect or what.
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    I was completely unable to take birth control pills, and I was too squeamish to try a diaphragm. I actually had one of those "horrible" Dalkon Shields back in the 1970s, which was the one they took off the market, and I had no trouble with it. I have had several different kinds over the years and had not a bit of trouble with any of them. And I am EXTREMELY sensitive to meds and a very sickly person overall. No extra cramping, bleeding or discomfort of any kind. The last one I had was for 8 years, no problems with it at all.

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    Didn't even know it was there!

    :) *jewel*