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    It was attached to my stomach at waist line. "Significant Other" removed it and burned it in flame on stove. Didn't realize we were supposed to save the tick for lab testing. I immediately had two raised, horizontal red streaks (like stretch marks) and a raised area at the site of the bite.

    I went to the doctor on Monday. He said that Lyme Disease is very rare, but gave me the antibiotic "Zmax" in liquid form. (One serving is supposed to be good for several days.) Tuesday morning, I had a partial circle around the bite site (top and bottom), but it didn't connect and it faded very quickly. Then later in the early evening, there was more of a complete circle, but it was VERY faint, and it faded again. I wanted a good, visible, circle that would last, so that I could show my doctor.

    What should I do now? I am taking echinachea, eating raw garlic (yuck!), and am going to try grapefruit seed extract (supposed to be a good antibiotic).

    (The state that I live in does not have a high incidence of Lyme Disease, BUT the area I was in is seeing an increase in reported cases of Lyme.)

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    First, write everything down so you have a record/timeline of your symptoms and events.

    Take close up pictures of the bite site with your face in the pic and a dated newspaper in the pic too...I know that's tricky.

    Can you find another Dr who can give you more 4 weeks worth?

    You can contact a Lyme literate MD to get their advice....go to on flash on Seeking a Doctor board...sign up for free like you did on the Seeking a Doctor board to find a LLMD in your state.

    Also, go to their Medical Questions board and post your question there. There are tons of knowledgable people there and the board is very busy, so you will get answers.

    If you have lyme and it is not treated properly, it will disseminate throughout your body and become a chronic illness.

    The same ticks can often carry other diseases too, like babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, anaplasma, etc.

    Not everyone gets a rash, or even a "typical" bullseye rash.

    I would definitely get antibiotics for at least 4 weeks. I don't want you to turn out like me....had it for 21 years...diagnosed as "fibromyalgia". I've only been treating for 8's going to take many months.

    Here's the best Lyme disease info from the real experts who follow the ILADS guidelines....

    The one thing you don't want to do is nothing.

    Infectious Disease Dr's are not helpful, along with 99% of Dr's in general. They don't believe in chronic lyme or long term treatment. That's why we see LLMD's.

    The Lyme bacteria can be anywhere....don't get a false sense of security.

    I don't remember a tick bite or a rash....but I remember 21 years of suffering.

    ***Go to this paper by Lyme expert Dr Burrascano, page 19 part about Treatment part about Tick Bites...he says 4 weeks of antibiotics.***

    If you do get a rash or other symptoms listed on page 9-11, you have lyme and need additional treatment.[This Message was Edited on 04/10/2009]
    [This Message was Edited on 04/10/2009]
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    I have been all over the internet looking at info since I posted this. Thanks so much for the very good info. I will check these sites.

    Here is the update. I looked up the medicine given to me by my doctor. It was in liquid form. Turns out the medicine is time released and good for 10 days and is equal to about 200mg. per day. It is Azithromycin. I have read on Lyme sites that this med is good if the patient is allergic to other antibiotics. Some antibiotics work in the blood, some in tissue and some dissolve the cysts that Lyme can use to protect itself. Azithromycin works in the tissues, and I see his logic for prescribing this, since I have infection around that bite.

    As I mentioned, I had a very faint circle around the bite that only lasted a couple of hours. I found out too late that I was supposed to photograph it, which I didn't. It is gone now. And I am wondering if that means that the medicine is working, or if the rash just barely showed up as it does in some people. (I am documenting all that has happened, meds, dates, etc.)

    I went back to the doctor, and he prescribed Amoxil for me to take after the 10 days of
    Azithromycin is finished. The prescription is for 7 days. That would give me 17 days. I have read 21 to 30 days. And I know that good Lyme docs say a month.

    The problem is, I can't afford to pay out of pocket to see a good Lyme doctor. I have CFS and no money. Only what my insurance will cover.

    On the Lyme websites, I keep hearing about a doctor of Chinese Medicine in New York who treats people with Chinese herbs, and sometimes with meds too, and has a very high success rate. I have been researching some of those herbs, and it seems we have herbs similar in the U.S. that are not so expensive.

    I am trying to weight out my options at this point. I may go back to my doctor and try to get a prescription for Doxycycline, which seems to be the treatment of choice, after the round of Azithromycin and Amoxil.

    I appreciate your response and will difinitely check out those websites. It is so scarey hearing about how hard it is to get the help needed to cure Lyme.

    Best wishes for your healing and recovery.

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    You could add cat's claw or Samento for a few months to the herbs you are trying.
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    You may even want to go to on flash on the "Medical Questions" board....sign up for free like you did here...then post a question on the board about alternative treatments or whatever you want.

    You can search on the site to for past posts about it.

    There are many wonderful people there and some of them use alternative treatments.

    It is also possible that your CFS has been caused by a chronic borrelia infection...there are many people on that site who had a CFS or FMS diagnosis for years.

    I am glad you are reading and educating yourself...that is key to getting the proper treatment.

    There are a few LLMD's who accept insurance, but not many.

    You can post on on the Seeking a Doctor board also.

    Let me know if I can help you further.

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