Bit by our dog on Tuesday evening

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jole, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. jole

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    Tuesday evening I was out playing with our kittens (mine), and our dog (hubby's) came over trying to eat their food. I yelled at him, then grabbed for his collar....he fought back, taking a large chunk out of my inner forearm, (of course the right). It looked like heck, but I managed to make it back into the house and wash it out good right away and get it dressed.

    When my hubby got home he took me to the ER - they re-irrigated it several more times (after saying they had never seen such a horrible bite on an arm before). He literally took all the skin and tissue, and there was nothing left all the way down to the ligament, about 2" x 1/2" area, and of course by then a large red ring around that.

    Had to have the first (2 shots) rabies vaccine in left arm, and (2 shots) gamma globin in right arm and into the wound site itself about 6 times, amd a tetanus shot in left arm.The doc asked if I wanted a pain shot, and I said no, the pain wasn't any worse than my normal FM pain. The doc wouldn't believe me and said "You're getting it anyway, it has to hurt something terrible." Soo Demerol and Phenergan in my buttock....(Huh! Something they can SEE hurts, FM doesn't....."

    The next morning I was sent to the next town, much larger, to see an ortho. He thinks in a week after he does minor surgery (debridement of the entire area) that he may be able to close it, otherwise will need a graft.

    The only reason I'm posting this is because I saw another post on pitbulls. This one was a yellow lab, great with kids, and all of us, but always high energy. We usually chain him up while the grandkids are here because he jumps on them and trips them. He is soooo good about it he would actually walk over to the chain when we called him and stand there very still. The kids would always go over and play with him.

    I am so glad if this had to happen it was me and not one of my little ones! Don't feel bad about keeping your kids away from a pitbull, no matter how "good" they are. It just takes one tme to cause terrific damage, and a child does not have the strength to defend themselves.

    Always put safety first. Accidents happen, but we dont need to ask for them....

    Friends - Jole
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Yellow labs are usually so calm, but when it comes to food, animals can be so unpredictable.

    I am so glad your husband took you to the ER and you are being taken care very scary.

    I had to chuckle about the pain shot; doctors can see dog bites so they hurt, but FM? (-:

    Ah, take care of yourself. I do pray it will heal without surgery.

    Good post...good warning to all about animals. You just never know.

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Is this dog neutered? Any male dog can become aggressive if not happens.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this, it sounds like a terrible bite.

    I strongly suggest this surgery if it hasn't been taken care of already.


    Nancy B
  4. laceymae

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    My small toy poodle has bit me twice, I really think both times he was protecting me from our german shephard.

    Do the hospital authorities have to notify the health dept?

    Here that is usually the first thing they do, esp, if it is a child.

    Hope everything heals and you feel safe around your dog,
    hugs lacey
  5. Greenbean7

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    I pray you will be ok! Your husband did the right thing taking you to emergency. A bite that severe is a horrible thing to have to deal with but even a small bite can become infected and cause horrible problems.

    This also shows that any dog can bite. No matter how safe we feel our dog is, it's always possible. If this had been a pit it probably would not have of let go and would have shaken it's head possibly breaking your arm as well. (Please notice I didn't say it would have happened, just that it could have happened.)

    Here if a dog bites once that is it's only chance. The next bite it is put down. Our doctors, hospitals, etc. are required by law to report all dog bites.

    Please take care of your arm and follow your doctors orders! The part about the pain shot was pretty funny! If they can't see it it can't hurt!

    Hugzz and prayers
  6. jole

    jole Member

    Yes, it was reported by the hospital, and we had to have him put down. I just got the report back that he was negative for rabies, so I don't have to take the last 2 series of shots.

    I had never heard that about non-neutered dogs being worse than neutered about biting...thanks for that info!! (No, he was not neutered. He was a purebred and we had thought about using him for....darn, the word is gone...)

    My appointment for surgery is on Monday. The anesthesia dept. just called and said they won't know until they see it on Mon. if it will be a local or general anesthesia for the procedure. I just hope they can close it, because I really don't want to have it grafted.

    Funny thing is, I had screwed up and not sent in my insurance premium a few months ago and had been cancelled....they just sent us a letter of reinstatement a few days before. Someone was really looking out for us!!! Can't imagine what all this is going to cost, and we have nothing!! So....things could always be worse.

    Then Tuesday I will be with my 25 year old daughter when she has her colposcopy to see if she has cervical my experience is very minor compared to the stress she's going through right now.

    Bless you all, and if you have a moment, a prayer for my daughter Angi would be appreciated!

    Friends - Jole
  7. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    You wrote, "We usually chain him up while the grandkids are here because he jumps on them and trips them. "

    After watching numerous episodes on the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan says that this behavior is showing dominance over the human. I'm sorry that you had to put him down, but I would also have worried about the Grandchildren.

    LOVED your comment about something the doctors can see hurts, but the FM doesn't----
  8. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I was once bitten by our Akita. If you know that breed, it is almost as bad as a Pit Bull. I loved my "Taikoh" dearly and it was not his fault.

    Our other Akita attacked him by surprise and he was in front of me and instinctively clamped down on my thigh. It was bad.

    I also went to the ER but they just let me sit there for 5 hours so I left. My bite was punctures but huge swelling.

    I hope you are better soon. So sorry this happened.
  9. Shirl

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    Know how that feels. I was bit, or should say mauled by a Chow, Chow years ago. I still have the scares, shoulder, both hips, thigh, and calf of my leg.

    This was a stray dog in the woods, not mine. It was not rabied, so did not need any shots except for tetanus.

    Dogs should be trained very well, no matter the breed. I have had two Pit Bull's, raised them with my grandson he was two years old when I got them (they were 4 weeks old), never a bad incident. I trained them both myself.

    You could take their food out of their mouth, all we had to say was 'out', and they would drop anything they had. But I did not allow anyone, including my grandson to harrass the dogs either. People need to understand the dog, and treat them properly, and train them as well, they have feelings too.

    They were both 'voice' trained. My Pit's were the smartest, most wonderful dogs I have ever owned. I hate when they are so ill used by bad owners that train them to do bad things. You can make any dog mean, by ill treatment or teasing them, or allowing children to do as they please with them, animals feel pain as well as we do.

    Some will hurt you back if you hurt them, I know if you hit me I would hit you back just as quickly.

    Children should be trained not to abuse the animals as well as the animals not to abuse the child.

    The Pit's are signaled out not because they are bad dogs, but because people like this football hero Michael Vick used them for fighting instead of the sweet animals they truly are.

    My Pit's were so gentle that they were lousy watchdogs(they were not neutered), they loved people, especially children. I had Boxers/mix breed adopted dogs for security. The Boxers/mix breeds were also well trained, and never hurt anyone.

    None of my dogs were allowed to jump on people, that is so easy to train them for, you simply put you knee up when they go to jump, and let them hit themselves in the chest with the knee, and they get the message quickly, and it does not hurt the dog, all you need to say is 'NO' firmly, like you would speak to a child.

    I lost my Pit last year, and am still griving for him, his picture is in my profile with my white boxer, who is also gone now. The Pit was 15 years old when he died, the boxer 14 years old.

    I now have an American Bulldog, who is 110lbs, and she is trained by voice command as well. Beautiful animal, and is an Alpha female, so she was harder to train then the Pit's. She truly wanted to be the 'pack leader', as dogs consider humans as a 'family' like wolves do.

    Now she knows that I am the Alpha 'dog', and listens accordingly.

    I have never had my dogs on chains, that generally makes then agitated, I know I would not want to be chained up, neither does the dogs.
    I kennel train my dogs. If I have strange children visit, I put my dogs out in the yard and lock the gate, or in their kennels indoors. Its not that they would bit kids, but some kids have no respect for animals rights either. So to be safe I make sure my dogs do not get harrassed.

    Hope all goes well for you, and I am truly sorry your husbands dog was put down.

    Watch the 'Dog Whisper', and see all the Pit Bulls he has in the same yard. Many of them were dogs that were used for fighting, as you can see the scares on their poor bodies, yet he has them with all other breeds and they get along fine with training.

    He no doubt was jealous of the cats, and that is probably why you got bit for the food. Labs are generally very gentle animals. He lost his life because of it.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  10. ckball

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    I am so sorry about your incident and then having to put him down, I can't imagine how I could do it.

    My heart goes out to you.I lost my 15 yo cat last year and still miss him, but it does get better.

    I hope your children aren't badly effeted by the whole ordeal.

    Take care of you and let your family take care o you. Dog and cat bites can cause serious infections. My dogs went for the cat and I got in the middle and had to pull her out of their mouths, then she latched onto hand. Had to go to the er, just deep punture woulds, she has the batercia that causes more sweeling and infection. My hand was twice it's normal size. She is a indoor cat so no rabies. Just a tetnus and abx.

    I had to wear a sling to keep my hand above my heart, if I let it down it throbed too bad. So follow Dr orders. Take care- Carla

    So do take it easy, prayers and hugs-Carla
  11. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    for both you and your daughter this week......take care and rest up.

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