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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Can anybody tell me if their state allows for Philosophical Exempiton from vaccines for college? We do not take vaccines and my son will be applying for college this winter. New York State does NOT allow for a Philosophical exemption, only Religious and Medical exemption. And both of those are an uphill battle, bordering on legal intervention.

    So anybody , where can my kid go to college and not be forced to get vaccines?
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    Specifically - which vaccines are you referring to? All?

    The one for meningitis? - That is the one that students living in close quarters,like a college dorm-MUST have! I would strongly encourage the flu vaccine also. I know of many college dorm outbreaks last year of the flu.

    My son who is away at college in PA had the menigitis, 2 years ago.(PA has required this one for several years now) This is a child who had a bad reaction to his MMR & I took the P out of the DPT's due to reactions. An aquantance, who is an Internal Medicine doc encouraged me to make sure he had the menigitis vaccine when she heard we were college hunting.

    NJ requires the meningitis vaccine & I doubt they would accept a philosophical exemption. Was your son HomeSchooled? Or How did you get a NY public school to accept a non-vaccinated child? (I have a friend who tried, didn't vaccinate because first child was autistic, so she didn't vaccinate the younger ones).

    Best of luck on the college!
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    I see you have kids in HS wrestling. ME TOO. My son wrestles . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. It's hard for a mother to watch this don't you think? Must be about the most intense, exciting sport.

    It's been the past 3,4,5 years that I have been enlightened about the dangers of vaccines. So, it has been that long since my kids have been vaccinated. I haven't had one since around 1970. My husband about the same.

    The risk factors for meningitis are really lifestyle factors, not the result of a dangerous bacteria. I would cite articles supporting this, but it seems to be getting a lot of people on here in trouble to point these types of articles out. So while I respect anyones right to vaccinate, I do not support vaccination and would encourage anyone interested in seeing what the controversy is, to just google and read.

    Anyhow, still want to know some states that WILL allow a Philosophical exemption. Anyone?

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