Biting My Cheek

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    Ever since I started having acute problems with my lower right molars (culminating in having Tooth 31 extracted on Jan. 23), I have seemed to be biting the inside of my cheeks, especially on the right side. I think some scar tissue has formed--I can feel it with my tongue--and the area is swollen. Is it possible that the missing tooth is causing some action by my muscles that moves or allows the cheek to fall in the line of the remaining teeth as they come together? I'm going to be needing more dental work; so I intend to ask the dentist about this, but meanwhile, eating anything can be very difficult. Even if I don't really need to chew on the right, for example, chewing on the left or just moving my mouth in other ways can cause me to inadvertentently catch a bit of my cheek betwen my teeth. It's beginning to hurt most of the time, and of course every time I bite the cheek, it swells up and becomes even more prone to being bitten again.

    This probably has absolutely nothing to do with fibro, but several others on this board have had dental work, and I'm wondering if there might be any connection there.

    Mostly, I just want something to help stop the problem!

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you can make. Thanks.

    --Laura R.M.
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    Oh, Yeah! It is a shocker while you are trying to chew your food and >>WOWEE<< you BITE your Cheek! I found the only thing that helped my swollen, chewed up cheek was Colloidal Silver. It is Expensive, but it is a natural antiseptic and it healed up mine. I put on a few drops, in-between meals, and before bed. You can get it at a health food store- it should be slightly gold-ish in color, almost clear, with no sediment.