Black Walnut - is this normal????????

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  1. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    I took 2 black walnut clear gel capsules about 1/2 an hour ago. My tummy's doing the twist and shout. Does this usually happen when you start taking this? and Will it go away if I keep taking it?
  2. mbofov

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    I don't know if that's normal, your stomach doing the twist and shout. I took black walnut a few years ago together with ginger capsules, for intestinal parasites, and it seemed to work really well. I was also amazed that this one of the very few things I did not have a herxheimer reaction to. I did not have a bad reaction at all.

    Perhaps it's killing pathogens in your stomach. Why are you taking it? If I were you, I would google black walnut and see if you can find more info.

  3. kimkane

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    For me I also had the twist and shout. I have taken black walnut oil/shells/hulls for years. It is a very good way to rid yourself of toxins and very strong against parasites.

    I was an animal handler before I got these DD's.

    Also I have used this on my animals. It will rid the animals body of all parasites, except the adult heart worm.
    The only animal that cannot take it is the horse.

    So don't worry. Unless you get very uneasy or uncomforatble. If this happens call you Dr. But you should be ok.

    Good luck, Kim
  4. tansy

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    a reaction, to which we are very prone, or the black walnut working. Some of the most effective agents I used for candida, and other GI tract related infections, would set off symptoms indicating a battle going on. Probiotics could do this too.

    In the early stages of anything like this I personally feel we should start on the lowest possible dose and build it up. I also try to flush out any die off so I drink more water and lemon water now I can tolerate it. Additonal fibre (psyllium and/or ground flax seed) to speed up GI tract motility and to sweep the baddies out might help.

    love, Tansy
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  5. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    it's nice to know i'm not the only one this has happened to. i guess we;ll see how it goes.

    Kim - will black walnut get rid of demdedic mange or does it only work on internal parasites. I have to keep taking my puppy to the vet for mitoban dips and it's breaking the bank.

    I could go to the tracter supply and get the stuff for cows but i'm a jersey girl - what the hell do i know about cows?!? all I know is my dog is 20 lbs and a cow is T H I S B I G.

    I gues it's safe to assume you're gonna get bombarded with animal questions.

    thanks, michele
  6. Dee50

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    A vet I know just studied and is using homoeopathic medicine. She recomonded a book by the Dr. that she trained under. Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide I found it at Amazon new for $12.21. I've ordered it but have not got it yet. I though all you pet folks that are using homoeopathic way would like to know about it.
    MY first step was to get my dog and cat on fresh real vegetables chopped small plus meat and salmon or mackerel. My homopathic doctor would not even help me or my boxer till I maked that first step. My dog and cat loves this new diet, I'm switching them slowly.
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  7. rockyjs

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    Black Walnut is very high in tannins and could be what's causing the reaction. You can usually calm it down with some milk or calcium.

    When we raised dairy goats they loved to eat the hulls around the black walnuts (and the bark on the trees!). They would come in with their faces stained black from the oils but we never had a parasite problem.