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    Saw this fascinating/interesting mind blowing documentary film on the Whales brought out of the wilds and put in "bathtubs" to perform for man....truly mindblowing.... CNN is presenting it and I'm sure glad I caught it.

    Then last night I happened on a NGO doc on how the earth goes on without "US" on the animals and plant life, sealife thrived and lived on.

    Two films worth seeing if you can still catch them. jam
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    Watched Blackfish a second time, makes one truly wonder about the seaWorlds and other water/sealife tourist
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    I didn't watch the programs, but have always felt it was "cruel and unusual punishment" to have most any type of animal in captivity. I tend to equate it to a human being put in a prison-type environment and if they wanted to be fed, they had to perform. Aquariums and zoos were only established for "our" amusement...not to preserve the lives of the animals. Too many die in captivity.

    I think the only time we humans have "done the right thing" is with the California condor. They were almost extinct from our pesticides. They captured the remaining birds, then worked with them to increase their population. After a while, they were released back into their natural environment and are now thriving.

    Domesticated animals like dogs, cats and horses I consider the exception...however, if the owner doesn't take proper care of them, then it's animal cruelty. We humans get very outraged at child abuse, yet relatively few realize this is no different than animal abuse.

    I'm a cat lover and have had them most of my life. But, I know I can no longer take proper care of one, so I won't be getting any more.

    I do march to a different drummer when it comes to animals. God created them just as He did us...and they deserve to live in their own environment...not "ours".
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    Windy, in my later days of my life, I see so much differently, I have time to reflect on everything as I didn't when I was young and working and doing and doing my life....

    That NGO "futureistic" program I mentioned, showed how all the animals and plantlife thrived after man was gone on this planet Earth.... Man fixes and messes things up but good, is the moral of that program.
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