Bladder and Bowel Problems???Help!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RENA0808, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. RENA0808

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    I have been having problems with water retention for a while.
    At first I used to I can hold my water really well!

    But then 5 weeks ago it got to the point where when I had my morning pee it would not come out!!!!When it finally did it was like a little trickle that I could not feel or even hear!

    My bowels where also giving me problems....constipation and also one time where I actually lost control and actaully **** myself which was horrendous!I also have suffered with bowel leakage yuk.My doc said I may have constipation so gave me gentle laxitives for that.

    Strangely enough this has worked on my bowels bladder is still giving me problems.I feel a sensation that I need to go now but I still dont have the strength to push and I can go hours before I need to go.
    Doc tried to give me an internal exam which sent me through the roof!!!!I have never been able to have smear exams for years because of the pain!!!!!

    So now I am being referred to a urologist.The thought of any touching me is sending me into a panic.
    Anyone had these problems?
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    My question is how much water do you drink a day? Coffee and tea don't count. I read a book years ago about the importance of water to MAKE you lose urine. The body will hang onto liquid, making you retain it, UNTIL you give yourself enough water to start going. For me, I'm 5'5" and weigh about l40 lbs, so I KNOW I need about 64 oz of water to keep thing working.
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    Tea, coffee, milk, juice, fruits and veggies - anything with liquid in it - counts as hydration. If your urine is light coloured and has no odour then you are getting enough hydration in the day. If it is dark and/or has a strong smell then you need to be drinking more in the day. It is a myth that we have to drink only water for it to count.
  4. TigerLilea

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    You definitely need to see a urologist as something obviously is wrong with your bladder. If it is too painful then I imagine he/she would do this in a hospital and put you under while they do the exam. The urologist will usually use a cystoscope to check your bladder and would probably use a numbing gel before inserting it. My sister had to have these done often and she said that they were no big deal and didn't hurt.
  5. spacee

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    Oh, no. The cysto IS a big deal and insist that the urologist put you to sleep. I have had about 5.
    One without sedation. Yep, only one and the rest with.

    That's about all I know to say. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis but since I started taking
    D-Mannose, I don't have any problems with it.

    Constipation is a challenge. Last colonoscopy, she said that she had to squirt medication on my colon
    to make it relax. So, I ques it just won't relax right. I use the CVS brand of Miralax during the week
    and one night a week take a stronger laxative.

    I do hope you find some help.


    Guess I will add that I have had my urethra dilated about 4 times and my bladder stretched 4 times. It was
    under sedation. They just fill the bladder with water. It actually feels good. Or better than not peeing!
  6. TigerLilea

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    Spacee, I had the bladder dilation done about 14 years ago. It worked wonders for my IC. I'll have to look into the D-Mannose as I still have the occasional flare when I eat something really spicy or too acidic.

    I guess everyone's pain level is different. My sister never had sedation for her cysto and she had it done every three months for 18 months at the doctor's office.
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  7. RENA0808

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    Thanks for replies
    I drink plenty of water and urine is light coloured and does not smell so I hope it is an easy test!
    It is the pain that is scaring me cos I cannot bear any examinations anywhere on my body...Vaginal being 10/10 pain!

    I will let you all know how it goes!
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  9. kbak

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    Have you been looked at for MS? I have CFS, but my girlfriend has MS and this exact thing happened to her. You might want to take a look. When you see a doc bring this up and ask if this is a possibility. So sorry.

  10. Nin B

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    Hi, I am really sorry to hear of your ordeal. I do hope u get some results and get to feeling better.

    Are you on any meds? I experienced something similar with my bladder, while i was on a gabapentine/amitriptiline combo. Prior to the meds, I did notice an increased ability to retain fluids like you noted. My initial prescription was low dose and I didn't notice any clear worsening. However when the dr continued to increase my dosage it became unbearable. I would feel the heavy urge to urinate in the morning and not successfully pass until about 5pm. I spent hours in the washroom trying to convince my body it was ok to do what it needed to do but release felt far. I tried drinking water, meditating, opening the pipes, singing but nothing worked. I eventually withdrew from the meds and it dissipated within days. It was a rather uncomfortable experience.

    I cannot say if this is the case with you, but probably u should talk to your dr or do some research.
  11. tig519

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    After you had relief from constipation, did you feel you could urinate better? Sometimes, one can drastically affect the other (pressure is pressure). Age also plays a role as it relates to muscles. Sometimes I feel like people jump to the worst conclusions.
  12. RENA0808

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    Since using the constipation meds I am still having a few probs with my bowel .......and it now feels as though I need to pee URGENTLY but when I go it still will not come out easily.
    I have appointment with consultant in April so hopefully I will find something out then.
    I am not on any new meds so cant blame them.
    Will let you know how I get on
  13. mbofov

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    Rena0808 - are you on any meds? Several years ago my elderly mother was given Aricept for dementia. She didn't have Alzheimer's, just mild stroke-related dementia, and never should have been given Aricept, but that's another story.

    In any event, after awhile, I don't know how long, she began complaining that she couldn't pee. The idiot doctor said it was all in her heard due to dementia (I could kill some of these doctors!) and ended up putting in a catheter that she had to wear all the time - I still get angry when I think about it. Why put in a catheter anyways, if it's all in her head?

    But I'm digressing again. That catheter led to so many problems, infection, trips to the ER, it was insane.

    What this long story is all about is that I finally read the very fine print for Aricept that comes in the drug handout sheet that no one reads, that difficulty urinating (I forget the technical name) was one of the "side effects" of Aricept. I told the doctor who promptly stopped the Aricept and removed the catheter.

    So difficulty with urinating is a "side effect" of some meds and you cannot rely on your doctor to tell you about it - you have to read all the fine print yourself. You can find the package insert information for drugs on-line if you don't have it.

    Best wishes,

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  14. Nin B

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    I totally agree with this!
  15. RENA0808

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    Still waiting for appointment from hosp to have bladder stretched(cant think of name of procedure).

    I am really panicking about the anaesthetic because I have heard so many stories of fibro patients suffering and I have always had probs with this in the past!!!!!
    Got loads more stuff going on now but this is my worst worry.
    Let you know how it goes.