Bladder and kidney infection

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  1. Sheila1366

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    My daughter has FMS/CFS and keeps getting bladder infections and kidney infections.Here kidney are hot, dr. said he could feel the heat coming from them on her back.What can I do to help her?Any natural remedies?

  2. chp1298

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    I recommend the old standby,cranberry juice, lots of water and no carbonated beverages.
  3. jess

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    Hi, I use d mannose for bladder infections. It really works. D mannose is a type of sugar not like table sugar though. It causes the bacteria to adhere to it and it just flushes them out upon urination. A google search will help you find this product. I love it. Jess
  4. ilovecats94

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    I just went through this myself last month, and had a fever of 101.3. I had blood in the urine too. I know they did a culture, and usually the bacteria comes from the rectum. Is she wiping herself from front to back?

    Ace's Nanna said to use apple cider vinegar to prevent UTI's.

    I don't know why it is going up into her kidney's unless she has the infection and is not saying anything about it. If left for long, it can go up into the kidney's.

    The cranberry juice helped me, but I am diabetic and had to use the sugar free type. I don't use the cranberry juice anymore.

    Baby wipes were a big help for me because I have IBS-D. Good luck to her.

  5. Sheila1366

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    If this turns out to be another kidney infection I am worried her kidneys will be damaged or that thisinfection could get into her blood stream.

    I have taught her to wipe the right way but I will ask just to be sure.

    Dr. told her that the infection is not due to anything she is doing or not keeping yourself clean but I wondered about the same thing when she uses the bathroom.

  6. JLH

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    Hi Sheila,

    I am really worried about your daughter. I read your bio and you said that your 20 yr old daughter had fibro/cfs.

    I think we feel so badly that we tend to blame every thing we have on our fibro/cfs. However, we should not do that.

    I think this is one time that it is NOT related to our illness. It is my personal opinion that your daughter should see a kidney specialist ASAP.

    She should be seen by a urologist first. He knows more than your family doc does about the bladder and kidneys. Girls often get bladder infections from taking tub baths, being on antibodics, etc.; however, the infections don't travel to the kidneys that often.

    If your PCP felt her kidneys and said he could feel heat coming from them on her back (even though I have never heard of this happening), HE SHOULD HAVE CALLED FOR A CONSULT THEN!!!

    You asked what you could do to help her -- call for an appointment TOMORROW!!!

    Don't mess around with natural remedies! The kidneys perform too important of a function for our body to mess around with. She needs medical evaluation by a specialist NOW!!!

    If a urologist does not help her, take her to a Nephorologist (? sp). They are the highly trained kidney doctors.

    You don't want to play around and let her end up with kidney damage.

    My father died of kidney failure. I saw him suffer for 2 years, through kidney dialysis and everything. That is why I am so worried for your daughter. I know how quickly his kidneys were damaged.

    Please let me know how your daughter gets.

    Praying for her,
  7. Sheila1366

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    Thanks for the support.She does see a urologist and they have dx. her with this twice.I am very concerned for her.She quits her job in 2 weeks.Her little body just can't keep up.We go back to see urologist soon and the heat on her back has gone away due to antibiotics.She also has endometriosis.I wonder how much of that could be causing the problem.She had her first kidney infection right before having surgery that confirmed the endo.She just had her period and the infections are back.I hope too get her into to see all her dr.'s in the next 2 weeks.She needs an adjustment on her meds. and more testing done to check out why these infections get so bad all of sudden.She was fine last Thurs. and the pain hit Friday.It went straight into a kidney infection right away.

    Thank you for the prayers.
  8. jeunefille

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    I have actually dealt with this myself. I was put on a constant dosage of antibiotics.
  9. fivesue

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    Born in Escondido, CA and have lived in various cities throughout the state. Have lived in Eureka, CA, for 44 years now. Guess it's home.

    I'm the third generation, and my granddaughter is the 5th generation. On her grandfather's side, she is the 7th. Guess we are a pretty settled family.

  10. fivesue

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    Hit the wrong button! sorry! (-:
  11. hehmommy

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    I started having bad kidney-UTI- and bladder infections when I was about 15 years old-I am now 36. I find the thing that helps the most is drinking tons of water to flush the kidneys-Pure cranberry drops or love berries (chewable cranberry tablets that taste like strawberry and yummy). These you can do a search on google and find them. They are by Nature's Plus. They are heart shaped and cost approx. $7.00 for 90 tablets. They really help maintain a healthy urinary tract.Also staying away from too many sweets and soda is a big NO NO as the bacteria just thrives off the sugar. She really need to take a good dose of antibiotic if the infection is that bad and then get started on something natural. Also a good thing is Colloideral Silver for the infection. I had a bad infection in one of my teeth that broke and the dentists said the only thing that would get rid of it was this really strong antibiotic. Well, I am allergic to most so I went down and got the silver and put it directly onto the tooth for three days (by the way it doesn't have a flavor) and it went away. I went back to the dentist and he said, I see you have been taking your antibiotics looks great. I had to just grin and say nothing. Of course when you are dealing with something inside your body and if it turns out to be a really bad infection then you really need something like antibiotics to help get it started then maybe you could finish up with something natural (just my 2 cents). I hope she gets well soon. These things are no fun.

    Trish :)
  12. JLH

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    What does her GYN doc say about all of this? Maybe you should ask her GYN to call and talk with her urologist. Sounds like it all might be connected somehow.

    Hope you find out what's wrong soon, for your daughter's sake.

    Good luck,
  13. Sheila1366

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    Her Gyn and urologist have been in touch.I think that maybe the endo. affecting her kidneys in someway.I have endo and I have heard of those with endo. having problems with kidney and bladder infections.