Bladder Infections

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    Some other friends are having an exchange of what HELPS them with bladder Infections and here is what helped one person...

    Just for general information... D-Mannose is supposed to be very helpful in treating bladder infections and works much like cranberries but is stronger, in my opinion. Bacteria simply can't 'hold on' to the bladder lining. It can be purchased at many supplement outlets. As always, do your own due diligence and research.)))

    There is one homeopathic that some are giving a lot of attention to and I'll post it when I find it......jam

    PS: I'm free of this issue for MANY MOONS and have to believe grape seed ex has been my salvation here too as well as other health supports.... There are links to this issue: bladder infections and grape seed extract....there is talk about grapeFRUIT extract too, but that is NOT what I take.....
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    This homeopathic got a lot of attention: Cantharis 200