bladder probs...prolapsed bladder

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    I have expierienced increasing bladder problems for about the last year. My symptoms started w/ a weakened stream, pain/cramping of the pelvic floor, frequent urination, and now im trying really hard not to pee my pants !!! ARGH!!

    so i went to a urologist....he said...hmmm must be neurological. so he sent me to a neurologist...i have yet to go, the appt isnt until oct. but i also have a mirena device (new form of iud) for birth control. so i thought maybe its the prob????

    today i saw my gyno...i wish she could be my doc for everything! shes very smart and soooo compassionate (hard for us fibros to find!) so she says the mirena is fine the problem bladder has fallen! argh! well i guess the correct terminology is bladder prolapse...but the odd thing is im only 28, i have no kids, ive never had any kind of trauma or anything to cause this. so i mention to her...ya know i have fibromyalgia....she said OHHHHHH...she is suspecting that since fibro affects muscles and lots of times causes muscle weaknes, and the bladder and the vaginal walls that support it are muscles...that its probably related.

    i guess...its good news since i now know im not nutty and this is not neurological (the urlogist mentioned ms...ugh)! but i know this topic has come up lots of times on the boards so i wanted to share this w/ all u who suffer and maybe this will help u as well!!
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    I'm so glad you have a good gynecologist! That must be such a relief to finally know what's going on.

    What did she recommend for the prolapsed bladder?

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    I think I may have a similar problem as I have to pee like every 15 minutes and feel pressure, etc. My gyn doc said a couple years ago it (bladder) may be prolapsing cause of hysterectomy and my pcp wants me to see a urologist even thought I mentioned that the gyn had said that. Is there going to be surgery involved? I hope not! My appt is a couple weeks away.
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    Thought I would tell you my problem and you can see if there are any similarites.

    2000 had hysterectomy and bladder tied up, it was falling for years.

    2006 took anti biotic for what I thought was a bladder infection. Urge to pee non stop. Meds did nothing. I was then put on Enablex which has to be the worst drug I ever took. Made me so dry I couldn't eat a piece of toast.

    Meanwhile was waiting for an appointment with a GYN with a specialty in Uro problems/surgery.

    He put me through all the regular tests and exams and decided I had cystocele and recotcele and needed surgery.

    Before I could schedule the surgery my husband was diagnosed with cancer and he was primary.

    I saw the GYN/URO a second time and again he wanted to do surgery, and again there was a personal family crisis.

    By now 1.5 years almost gone by and I was set to schedule surgery. BUT HE CHANGED HIS MIND.

    Sometime between my initial visit and the third one, he did some research about FMS. I had told him I had it, but he just kept asking questions and did NOT seem at all interested.

    That last visit he said that surgery would not help my spasm problems..... that I had pyridium and another bladder pill to take when it acted up. He said that the bladder is a muscle and had fms and that surgery would not help it, in fact scar tissue could make for more problems down the road if I need surgery.

    So now at 64 I have a few episodes per year of bladder spasms. Meantime, mini pads a must, no sneezing allowed, and always know where the nearest bathroom is.

    But, during all this I had no pain, just felt like an elephant was standing and pushing my bladder down, down.. but since the hysterectomy it had no place to go.

    Sorry this is so long, but maybe you can garner something from it.
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    I am so glad to read this post. I had surgery for endometriosis and when the surgeon did it he cut my presacral nerve so that the abdominal pain would not be bad. I also have IBS and he said the only side effect from this would be constipation but my problem was always the opposite so I would welcome that. He also found a small malignant carcinoid tumor on my appendix which was removed and okay. I had never had a UTI or any problems like that before the surgery. Right after the surgery I had a UTI and have had chronic UTI's ever sense.
    Lately I have noticed that my stomach that has always been flat is not flat anymore but if I push on the roll it hurts like it might be my bladder. I had gained about 5 pounds but even now that I have lost that again the pooch is still there. I am wondering if this is what is wrong with me. It happened to my grandmother as well as her twin (the bladder dropping) but much later in their life. We all have a lot of the same medical issues. I am 36 years old and have CFS/FM as well.

    I guess when I get money again I might go to the urologist. There is this thing that is like a donut by the way that they can insert in you and it holds the bladder up. My grandmothers twin just had it done for her again because hers had come out after many years.

    Sorry this is so long but I am so glad that that pooch has a reason other than age!
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    did this urologist do any kind of testing on you?

    I ask because I'm going thru all the same symptoms as you are,... and I'm finally having all sorts of tests done by a urologist.
    I had a pelvic/abdominal cat scan last week.
    this wednesday is my urodynamics testing on my bladder capacity,etc.
    then next week is my cystscope. where they look inside your bladder.
    I'm suspecting IC. a chronic painful bladder condition where you feel like you have a constant UTI.

    (IC* stands for iterstitial cystitis)
    embarrasing but I also pee a tiny bit when I cough sometimes. or sneeze.
    best of luck
    hope this has helped some