Blase Bonpane & Grape Seed

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    Boy, I have some good influence I guess....

    Blase Bonpane is a former catholic priest and the
    author of Imagine No Religion. I'm a former catholic
    and can never forget my early life and this religion.

    Thinking about it, there was a St. Blase day when we
    all went to church to have our throats blessed....he must
    have been named after st. blase....

    Anyway, Blase is now married and a father of a grown
    son who works with him in the radio show he airs on
    Sunday that I listen to. Blase is a peace activist and
    director of Office of Americas here in L.A.

    I so enjoy listening to his program on Sundays but he
    has a very weak voice and I recall when my mom got
    on grape seed when she was 85 or so, her voice became
    so strong and me goosebumps thinking
    back to that time. Her circulation was improving and
    voice became stronger.

    So I sent Blase an email a couple weeks ago and shared
    with him my history, former catholic, etc. etc....and now
    believe in no religion....I mentioned grape seed ex to him
    and how I thought his voice would get so much clearer and
    stronger, gutsy huh.....what did I have to lose....if one
    does not know, how will one ever be able to make changes.
    If they choose's all about choice...

    A little while ago I received an email from him stating
    he went to a local health food store and is now taking
    300mg of grape seed ex and what did I think about
    that....I'm a bit shocked, but feeling good too. So now
    I'll be listening for any change in his voice when I hear
    him on sundays.

    Nice story to share...jam

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    and in his email he said he bought the 300mg cap at the
    same place you folks get it. It is a nice story, he's a very
    nice person and I love his story too about his life and where
    he is now with his life. He resides somewhere here in L.A.
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    this morning and no voice change YET....I think he's on it under 1 week...can't expect a miracle that soon...but today I've decided to buy his book and read more about his life story and how he arrived at his place....

    I don't read lots these days and when I do it's something
    that really interests me.....not into those novels many get
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    please, I just have never gotten into them....calm down, they are just not in my M.O. thanks...jam

    Tell me how my comment was offensive? My parents never
    read novels to speak of, mom a little but dad never, so
    please we all come from different places...

    my grandkids are huge readers and they have book
    marathons in their schools and that is great....

    Just hasn't been me.... [This Message was Edited on 02/03/2013]
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    Blase's voice is stronger and clearer this morning...he's on Grape Seed Ex about 2 weeks now....

    I'll have to send him an email with what I've heard
    from his voice.....jam
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    Blase and he said, yes I am correct his voice is stronger...he he's asking what I know about neuropathy.

    I told him the grape seed ex will help with neuropathy but also look into Anatabloc which I'm taking now and which addresses Chronic Inflammation....the nerve issues can be a
    result of chronic inflammation...he said he had chemo yrs ago
    and was left with the neuropathy...

    He's sending me a copy of his latest book....

    How great it is to help others and getting a
    little material gift from him, a book.

    The deeper I get into this inflammation issue, neuropathy is
    an inflammation of nerves... [This Message was Edited on 02/11/2013]
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    Imagine No Relgion....I'll pick and choose chapters as I go's his autobiography....a nice note thanking me for my healthy advice.....

    Blase was very involved in the anti war movements here in
    the U.S. and travelled the world in the name of peace....
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    I finally find out Blase is 85.

    He was the son of a very Italian famly and his
    father was a judge of the Superior Court in Los
    Angeles and his father said: "If I had 5 sons and
    one was an idiot, he could become a priest." His parents
    were avidly protesting him going into the seminary.

    Blase had colon cancer in 1999 and kidney cancer
    in 2000, which left him with neuropathy from all the
    chemo he told me.

    From Blase: Then one thing that came out to me: Did Jesus have areligion? Yes, it was Judaism. But he was unbound and constantly spoke of the Spirit acting outside of his sect.

    Imagine asking Jesus: Are you a Presbyterian? A Methodist?
    A Roman Catholic? Wow, so much I don't know about
    my upbring in the Cath church....there was always talk
    about Jesus and I didn't know Jesus was Jew....back in
    my upbringing.....that was never never mentioned...I don't
    think my mom knew either, for sure I now know that.

    Back to the book....but wanted to make a few
    comments as I get into INR.....
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    Blase sounds 20 yrs younger, or at least 10...

    His guest on the radio today is Fr Roy Bourgois who was
    recently given the "boot" by the Vatican for his speaking out and for his stand on women ordinations..

    Father Roy has two books on Amazon: Disturbing The Peace and From Silence to Solidarity.... Fr Roy is a cajun priest and he sounded as old in voice as Blase did a few weeks ago...

    For me, this is so twofold in my life history, health and my former religion. jam

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    and email and told him he sounded 10 yrs younger today and that Fr Roy would benefit is his reply to me:

    Dear Dr. JAM,

    I think the GSE has had a profound effect.

    Many thanks for your prescription!

    I will tell Roy about it.



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    slowly but surely....Blase was all for social justice worldwide
    and very very active in the anti war vietnam times...and current times too, anti war.

    He was "booted" out of the Maryknoll fathers because of
    his anti war positions and his wife Threasa left Maryknoll
    on her own as she too is for social justice and anti war...

    Blase has said, if he hadn't been booted out, he wouldn't have
    his wonderful family.

    People after my own heart.
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