Blessed Easter

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by windblade, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. windblade

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    Hoping for a happy day for all celebrating. Even small, good things.

    And many deep, rich blessings from God.

    A nun friend once told me something that sounds unusual.

    She said, " Jesus is very grateful to you." It meant so much to me that I wrote it down, and kept it on my desk to look at every day.

    She meant that I was living in love and trust to him through my seemingly endless sufferings.

    Hope there are crocuses and daffodills, or buds swelling; some lovely signs of spring for all. My dh bought me a beautiful pink cyclamen plant. Wonderful blossoms and dramaticaly patterned leaves.

    Happy Easter!
    Love, Judy
  2. sunflowergirl

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    I love cyclamen. Is it pink, red or white? I remember years ago I did a watercolor of a cyclamen when I was into botanical paintings.

    Spring is definitely happening here in So. Cal. I'm a tad disappointed that my lilac bush only has a sprinkling of blooms this year BUT the wisteria vine I planted over 6 years ago has finally produced l0 bunches! YEA. I was going to yank it out this year. I also have a pomegranite tree that a neighbor trimmed for me and it's got buds. I just need to feed it once a week the epson salts so the buds will set fruit. I soak my feet at night several times a week with epson salts(the body draws up magnesium this way) and then the next day my husband takes the container of water out side. Waste not want not!

    I woke up on friday and thought I need to drag myself down to a church for services. Many Christians forget this is one of the most special days. I found a church that had services at noon....went about 20 min. early and found only 6 cars in the parking I went down the street to a lamp store and browsed for l0 min. Went back and found l2 cars. I just couldn't get the courage to walk into the church when no one was really there. So I listened to a special service on the radio. Wonderful music and a sermon. I need to find a church that has services after l2 PM. I just absolutely can't function any earlier.