Blessed Passover

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    Blessings sent to all who are celebrating - (as much as possible with our DD's.)

    The Exodus story of Moses leading the Israelites from slavery to freedom is also important to me, as my faith as a christian is based on the Israelites love relationship with God.

    May your homes and families be filled to overflowing with Holy love and joy and goodness.

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    Read your post

    Understood about love/hate relationship. Only too well.


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    Oh my! What a dumb thing I did. I was trying to remember how Rafiki used to write the Holy name of God out of love and respect for her Jewish step-children. It's written and said in a special way. I read a beautiful essay recently how originally God's name in Hebrew was the same as our breathing in and out, and could be understood as the breath of God.

    I loved that - had never heard it before.

    Speaking of different emotions in relationship with God, as you mentioned; I've learned that from the book of Psalms, from the bible, where every possible human response and experience is expressed about and to God! And originally sung. I've been looking for these songs in English to pray along with recently.

    God Bless :)
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    How happy to see you here. Yes, Blessed Passover. I love what you said about Passover being a time for longing for freedom for all peoples. Our world is so troubled, and so in need of healing! Every drop of kindness, gentleness, and especially protection of the vulnerable is so needed.

    I'm glad that the world has changed from when I was a child - in that people are more open to learning from, finding joy in, respecting other people's faiths. Well, I have to say that there is the opposite also.

    But at least we have opportunities now to share across the world, and receive much goodness from each other.

    I'm wondering if that name in Hebrew for God is the one spoken to Moses from the burning bush. I love going back to the original words, and finding rich meanings. Love language.

    Thanksgiving and Christmas I was able to cook for my husband and I. But for this Easter just do not have the strength.

    My DH got some lovely foods from Whole Foods - precooked. Lamb with rosemary and garlic, roasted asparagus, and chunky potato salad. And a lovely apple crumb pie -( non gluten) which I am tempted to take a bite out of today But will try and control myself :)