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    Hi Bluesox! I am empty nester to baby is now 29.Never ever thoughjt I'd be going through a divorce at this time of my life.We were both actve church members and commited Christians We went through alot of very stressful trials in the last 8 years, and husband went back to the world ,its hard to deal with rebellion even moreso when he knows the truth.So divorce is enevitable unless a true miricle happens.I've stopped preaching at him,God is strenthing me,Fianically it will be tough but I've been poor before only not with Christ on my side.I am going to an in dwpth bible study taking art class agin seeing who I am.If God wants to use me I want to be avaible, so I'm trusting that He is going to make away for me I can't.I need to talk to a disabilty person soon.I've had CSF&FMS over twenty years but helped husbands bussiness.I'd have very hard time working between phyical condition ,no experince and age,also Michigan is hard up,my daughter with teaching degree has a 4-5 year wait for a job now,God will meet my needs,I just need strengh to trust and obey.Hope to here from you again .Thanks for relpying God Bless!!hotfoot
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    We had a couple of people who recently got divorced and it is always a sad thing.

    Not that you owe me any explaination, and I don't expect any, but now you have to face living alone, and that can be extremely difficult.

    You are correct to get involved in other things early. As much as it may feel like it, your life isn't over.

    My advice is to not listen to all the "good advice" that people want to give you because, you are the only one who really knows your circumstance. You are also correct in getting started in other activities to take up the time.

    Not that it helps, but this is not unusual. When my husband retired it changed my whole life. We had to be very careful as he felt the loss of being at work every day. We both help others when we can and visit people who are in need.

    You are also right in relying on God to help you through.

    Prayers.... BleuSox