Blisters, rash and itchy hands

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  1. Quarterline

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    This is my first post, I am so in need of help with my hands! I have SLE and for OVER one year I have had various amounts of rashes, blisters on my hands. It starts with blisters that look like poison ivy. I went to several doctors and each told me something different. No one has given me anything that stops the itch or heals the open sores that develop after the blisters break. I have had this current issue for almost three weeks, the palms of my hands are sore, swollen and very itchy. Has anyone had this happen. Sometimes I also get small red spots on my legs that also itch. Any thoughts?
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    You need to be seen by a doctor right away. I'd go to the closes clinic. Open blistering can be a
    breeding ground for infections to grow. I wish I had a better answer but you really do need medical attention .

    I'd also post your thread on our Lupus board here. But they probably say the same thing .
    You don't want to risk and infection . Please see a doctor.

    I hope this clears up fast . Sound to me like a really bad SLE flare.


    You may also have Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus (BSLE) . BUT PLEZZZZZZ go to the clinic or doctor . don't wait .[This Message was Edited on 02/27/2009]
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    I have seen my PCP, a derm. and remy, they keep deferring me to someone else. In fact I called my PCP yesterday and asked to be seen and they said I need a derm. so they are trying to get me into one, but in the meantime, I am suffering. Do you think just walking into a clinic will help?
  4. daylight

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    They may be able to get you antibiotics (if you need them). You don't want sepsis.
    Sounds to me like your doctors aren't dong enough to help your problem.
    It just baffles me mind that they haven't done more to help you in the meantime.

    Have you tried an antihistamine ? It may help with the itch. [This Message was Edited on 02/27/2009]
  5. Quarterline

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    Just read about BSLE, hadn't heard of that. My blisters are much smaller than the ones shown, but I think you might be on to something. Thanks.

    Yes, I tried antihistamine....and no it hasn't helped. I think at times the itch will drive me crazy. I think I will take your advise and go to the clinic tomorrow. My fear has also been infection.
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    On the lupus board you will find that not all Rheumys are good and sometimes you have to keep searching until you find a good one. Good luck.
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    on the off chance that your rash is something else ... have you had microscopy done to rule out dermatitis herpetiformis? Symptoms are very much as you have described. Often occurs on hands, elbows.

    -- It's not herpes -- but rather a sign of celiac disease/gluten intolerance -- which is also associated with autoimmune diseases like SLE.

    Treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis is by dietary & lifestyle modification, as well as certain meds.

    You can oogle up an image search by typing the full DH into the search engine of choice.