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  1. Suzy37

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    We are having a huge blizzard here in Colorado! WOW, we have at least a foot of snow now and drifts up to 5ft and higher. Wind blowing! I called work and they said not to come in...thank goodness! My husband made it home safely, I am thanking God for that one.
    So everyone pray for warm weather for us so we can get back to life!!!
  2. Suzy37

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    Honestly, you would think living in Colorado, they would do a much better job of keeping at least the main roads cleared, but no. It gets pretty bad out there. I'm next to the mountains, beautful to look at everyday.
    Don't know if my hubby will try to get back to work tonight, just have to wait and see.
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    We are suppose to get that storm here in New York State tomorrow. It "might" hit us in the form of wind and rain...lots of both!

    My husband is leaving terrible ruts in the field already trying to get his corn out of water logged fields.
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    You are in my prayers. Sorry, I wish I had more to say but not feeling very good. De
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