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  1. dizzymindy37

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    i have a severe problem w/ nausea and bloating. wether ive just eaten a little bit or alot or sometimes i dont have to eat to feel that way. its miserable !! i know its probably IBS but its not giving me any relief for a while now. someone mentioned another disoreder called DYSPEPSIA. anyone understand where im coming from. thanks!! mindy
  2. cindymindy

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    I am bloated all the time. Some times I look like I'm nine months pregnant. I also throw up several times a week. I have no idea what causes this.
  3. sienna

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    I was wondering ,what brand of garlic and acidolphlis do you use.I have that awful bloating after I eat, I look like I am expecting too.

    I really appreciate this information. Soon as I hear from you I will go to the health food store and get me those items and try it.

    Thanks in advance, eagerly waiting to hear from you.

    thanks sienna
  4. 69mach1

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    it comes in chewabble caplet that almost tast like a sweet tart candy w/o mo sugar///i it has been working greating for me..... you can pick it up at target or safway andy pharmacy...i don't have to drink the cruddy drinds or swallow morem ppills,

    helps w/ibs and others...

  5. sienna

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    Hi there Hangininthere and Jodieplace,

    I really thank you for your fast replies. I need all the help I can get. This bloating is aggravating. I use to get it real bad after eating brocolli and cauliflower, but now I seem to get bloated for whatever I eat.

    Do you get bloated over certain foods or almost all foods. I was just wondering.

    thanks sienna
  6. Starcat

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    I posted in response to a post like this before..but found I was off topic so deleted it. I hope this time I'm saying the right thing in the right

    I found the most wonderful endocrinologist who was really into fm. Very knowledgable! I talked to him about my bloating and stomache pain, IBS etc. and he links it to intestinal spasms.

    He gave me hyoscyamine (.125mg) to try. It's only to be used when needed, or before I eat. You disolve it under your tongue. I was amazed how well it worked!!

    I rarely have to use it anymore, but when I start to feel the bloating coming on again, I just take one and it stops it almost immediately.

    Just wanted to share what works for me. I know how painful and frustrating it can get.

    Hope your able to find something that helps.

  7. caroleye

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    I used to bloat after eating cheese, so don't eat alot anymore. Now, after cutting out most of my food sensitivities, I "know" my worst culprit is "Wheat" (gluten products).

    It's's like where did this extra 20 lbs come from "overnight". Yep, ate wheat last night.

    Next night will eat rice; pregnancy gone!!

    Once you rule out infections, you could consider monitoring your foods, or being tested for food allergies.

    I'm also "salt" sensitive, and will bloat with that as well.