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    Pamela Weintraub, senior editor at Discover Magazine and author of Cure
    Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, has now joined the blogosphere with
    the creation of her blog "Contested Diseases" on the high-profile,
    hugely trafficked blog site hosted by Psychology Today magazine.

    Her blog can be found here:

    Postings to the blog will appear a couple of times a week. In the months
    ahead you can look to this space for discussion and dialog on Lyme and
    its coinfections, along with other diseases that are ill-defined,
    mysterious, contested, controversial - often unrecognized and written
    off by doctors as nonexistent, or all in a person's head.

    The blog opens with excerpts of CURE UNKNOWN to set the scene, but will
    quickly segue to cover new research and other new and important issues
    faced by patients and their doctors.

    Read the first blog post:
    and be sure to register so you join Pam on the blogosphere by
    contributing to the discussion (scroll down to the end of the first blog
    post to register).

    If you have an idea for something that should be covered by "Contested
    Diseases" contact Pam Weintraub at

    For those who are interested, an RSS fee for Contested Diseases can be found here:

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    I have almost finished reading this book. It is awesome! I would suggest anyone who has lyme disease should read it. I've learned a great deal. It is taking me a little while to read it since I am highlighting some parts and going back to them.
    Thanks for the link Victoria!

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    Thanks for this Victoria.
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    Thanks for letting us know about this!

    I appreciate it!