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    I Need your Prayer's 09/16/03 06:39 AM

    Just like Sharon.....I believe!!!!!....I will tell ya lil of what is goin on(This is why I go from 1 flare to the other)A few months ago my husband and I decided we would get a place an let my daughter an grand-daughter move in......well this included her Boyfriend who is the father of my grand-daughter,Against my wishes an better judgment!!! Well they had afriend who had a "DEAL" for was to rent his house.A 3br/2b......Still not really enough room for 7 ppl but we made,again against my better Judgement we moved in after giving him about 1200.00....this was alllll we had.2 months later I get a knock on tha door,a gentleman is standing there with alot of paper work he informs me this house is being foreclosed on.....O I lost it.The boyfriend moved out,left my daughter an gran-baby for us to take care of an oweing us almost 600.00 for rent(We had Paid)part of the utilities,food and diaper's......Now we wait everyday for an officer to come an give us an eviction notice.My daughter is pregnant again,I can't work at this time,we already support Kaylee,not to mention I have 2 son's at home....11 and 6yrs old.....we have jus enough money to pay our bills but not another 1000.00 or so it will cost to move.My husband has already said we will help Krystal and the babies,but she can not live with us again......see she's like beyond LAZY,she gives me more work to do....althou she has her days where I don't know what I would do without her.....So as U can see we are in a big mess,I hate it for my husband,he is still young an didn't sign up for all of this,Kayll's father does nothing for her,we do it all....He don't even buy her a gal. of milk!!!(I bring in every stray I find/meet,don't matter animal's or people)....he usually never says anything BUT he says we have to worry about us now,he said he is tired of watching every-1 else make me sick!!!!Anyway.....Any day now we could be homeless......o lawddd the thought of it an i get sick,i am worried about my daughter,gran-babies.....all of it an I see no way out!!!!....Ya know I use to make 2500-3000 on my own every I bring in mayb 100.00 a mon th jus for child support.I have always been able to get us out of jus about any mess we got into.....But Now I feel Helpless an it's killin me

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    Hello to all of You,I go by my S/N Blond......I had originaly posted this message on the Lupus board mayb it was the Fibromayagia/CFS board.Right now i am not sure as I am confussed.I was editing as Mikie was moving my post over here so it jus stops an I really can't remember everything I had written on the edit.I post to both boards becuz I have all three diseases.I have put all my faith and my problems in God's hands,I know he will see me and my family thru this time in our lives.I ask that you add me and my family to ur prayer list.Thank you all very much,Blond
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    I hope i got ur s/n right......I forget from minute to minute.I myself asked Jesus into my heart 2 weeks after I was DX'ed with Lupus,I still have a very long way to go......God knows my heart he has been workin on me for years!!!!!!I was raised in the church an come from a christain family(Mom's side)I have faith in God an I know with time I will become the christain he wants an I desire to be.I have not turned into a saint in jus 4 months BUT I am better than ever an I get better everyday......Thank you for your prayer's,Blond
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    I`m sorry to hear you`re having such a difficult time. I`m praying for all of you....that God can somehow help you work this all out and keep a roof over your head. He can do it, just believe.