Blonde JOKE== LOLOL == I'm legally allowed to tell it I'M BLONDE

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. victoria

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    I am legally allowed to tell these as I am blonde hehehehe:

    Three Blondes were all applying for the last available position on the Texas Highway Patrol. The detective conducting the interview looked at the three of them and said, "So y'all want to be cops, huh?"

    The blondes all nodded. The detective got up, opened a file drawer and pulled out a folder. Sitting back down, he opened it and pulled out a picture, and said, "To be a detective, you have to be able to detect. You must be able to notice things such as distinguishing features and oddities, such as scars and so forth."

    So saying, he put the photo in the face of the first blonde and withdrew it after about two seconds. "Now," he said, "did you notice any distinguishing features about this man ?"

    The blonde immediately said, "Yes, I did. He has only one eye!"
    The detective shook his head and said, "Of course he has only one eye in this picture! It's a profile of his face! You're dismissed!"

    The first blonde hung her head and walked out of the office.

    The detective then turned to the second blonde, put the photo in front of her face for two seconds, pulled it back and said, "What about YOU? Notice anything unusual or outstanding about this man?"

    "Yes! He only has one ear!"

    The detective put his head in his hands and exclaimed, "Didn't you hear what I just told the other lady? This is a profile of the man's face! Of course you can only see one ear!! You're excused too!"

    The second blonde sheepishly walked out of the office.

    The detective turned his attention to the third and last blonde and said, "This is probably a waste of time, but..."

    He then flashed the photo in in front of her for a couple of seconds and withdrew it, saying, "All right, did you notice anything distinguishing or unusual about this man?"

    The blonde said, "I sure did. This man wears contact lenses."

    The detective frowned, took another look at the picture and began looking at some of the papers in the folder. After a few minutes, he looked up at the blonde with a puzzled expression and said,

    "You're absolutely right! His bio says he wears contacts! How in the world could you tell that by just looking at his picture?"

    The blonde rolled her eyes and said,

    "Well, Helloooo! -----

    With only one eye and one ear, he certainly can't wear glasses!!!!"

    and with that I am bidding y'all adieu and adios for a while, I'm moving tomorrow to Mexico... see y'all later......... yes, I'll be back............................
  2. Cromwell

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    I am blonde - in fact still undyed blonde at 61 -even the hairdresser checked me out for truth!!!

    A while back someone posted about twenty blonde jokes and they were all funny.

    A fave of mine is the blonde who over her shoe rack in the closet has the initials T G I F

    A friend said Thank God It;s Friday?

    NO, said the blonde, Toes Go IN First!

    Love Annie and thanks for the lol.
  3. sisland

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    Lolol! That was a great one Too!,,,,,Thanks for always posting these great jokes! Hurry back and Have a safe move!,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
  4. therealmadscientist

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    I knew there was a reason i got up this morning! thanks, bill
  5. rockgor

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    Is this a preliminary move or the real thing? Hope all goes well. We will be waiting to hear from you.

    Buena ventura!


  6. ckball

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    I hadn't heard that.

    I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Hope your health holds up for the trip, don't envy you there :)

    Let us when you arrive at your new home and hope it is everything you imagined it to be-you deserve it- Take care-and Happy Trails-Carla
  7. Gingareeree

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    This is for real! Years ago when the blonde jokes were popular, a friend told me a story about her daughter. Her dsaughter was about 12 years old, very blonde. She came home from school one day complaining to her Mom that she really getting tired of all the "dumb blonde" jokes going around @ her school. Her Mom said "Well Dory ,is that because it hurts your feeling to hear them?" Her daughter replied:"No, it's not that, it's just that I don't ever get any of them!!!" The truth!
  8. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    When the "dumb blonde" jokes were going around... Dollie Parton was asked if she was offended, she said "Heck no, first of all I know I ain't dumb... and I also know I'm not a real blonde!"
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I always figured there was no reason to take offense since I figured most of the blonde jokes were about bleached blondes heheehehe