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    Sorry I am so slow getting back to you about the trigger point injections. You asked if the injections help me. At first no-the first day it really hurt and I didn't have any pain medicine for help. But the next day I was better and each day after that is a little better. So I will go back again and have the injections. I go once a week for injections (usually about 20 injections in the neck, shoulders and back) I have also read studies that say that the trigger point injections are helpful for FMS. The injections are lidocaine and steroids. I also have lidocaine creme that I can apply to the lumps and bumps myself but the creme only numbs topically for an hour or so. Some people have said that the Lidocaine Patches work for 11 hours (my doctor said the pharmacy at his clinic only carried the creme, so my insurance would only pay for the creme-better than nothing) I hope this answers your questions, if you would like to email me:
    Good luck, Vickyb (Sleeper01)