Blood Blisters and throat and neck spasms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donna275, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. donna275

    donna275 New Member

    I was wondering if anyone ever got little blood blisters in their mouths, on cheeks inside of you mouth? What would cause them? I don't remember hurting or biting my cheek.

    And, does anyone ever feel weird in their neck and throat muscles? Sometimes, just a spot in my throat will hurt for about five to ten minutes and then go away. Then sometimes, it feels like my muscles inside my neck are stiff and crampy. Does this happen to anyone?

  2. chilly_bum

    chilly_bum New Member

    I was just at the ER a few weeks ago for the same problem. I had that pain in my throat but it also felt like my throat was tightening. Doc told me it was just the FMS/CMP. Scary sometimes though and highly annoying. Hope this has helped you.
  3. princessmeeko

    princessmeeko New Member

    hi donna,
    please be assured that the throat and neck muscle spasm can be part of fibro. I have had this and it got so bad that my doc sent me to an ENT specialist and also for a catscan.nothing nasty was found and my doc suggested myotherapy which i have been having with some success. she concentrates on trigger points in my neck and also my TMJ joint.
    hope this helps donna
  4. runnerkarrie

    runnerkarrie New Member

    I have blood blisters also. Are you on Lyrica?

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