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  1. Irishbee

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    I have been having high white blood cell counts for the past year, my doctor is not too concerned and he is one who treats MANY fibros but I am curious. He says it is not unusual for people with fibro and CFS to have elevated counts as our bodies are always showing signs of infection,especially those of us who have developed IBS. Also some of the meds seem to cause ths problem. I take a very low dose of steriod every day (low counts started before this) I also take Prozac (thank God) and Skelaxen. With the use of Skelaxin I can now walk without my walker at least for short distances. I found this med to be the best yet.
    Anyway my question is does anyone else have or ever have a elevated white bood cell count?
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    Hi Irishbee

    I too suffer from a very low white blood cell count which my Dr says indicates my body is either fighting an infection or thinks it's fighting one. My Dr refers to it as Neutropenia. I know meds can affect this but I don't take any.

    Cheers Jana