Blood from CFS + still no Reply button?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Svette_Palme, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Ya, this is getting WEIRD... I am logged in, and I am familiar with this forum - I know there used to be a little strip of buttons to choose from along the bottom of each post, but they are not there now. They were there for me yesterday.

    I wanted to reply to the thread about the Red Cross in Canada banning blood donations from chronic fatigue people.

    That raises a lot of questions:
    - is it okay for Fibromyalgia people to donate blood?
    - does the Red Cross know something about XMRV that they are not telling us?
    - how would they know if someone is "CFS positive"? { since most of us don't ever get a real diagnosis, there is no test for it. }

    And in General:
    - what about XMRV in the general population, those millions of people who do NOT have CFS but carry the XMRV - won't they be contaminating the blood supply?

    - and therefore, should we just assume that the blood supply is contaminated? Should healthy people refuse to get blood transfusions unless they are going to die for sure without it?

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    The reply button is on the bottom left side, do you see it?

    You're right, it certainly does raise a lot of questions, many of which you have listed. There are certainly more questions than answers, but I think we are getting closer to answers than ever. From all the research I've done, I think a virus (or viruses) is implicated, that this disease is transmissible, and that the blood supply could certainly be contaminated. I also think that having vaccines such as flu, hepatitis and tetanus could be risk factors in that they assault/change our immune systems and make us great prey for any lurking virus.

    The Red Cross probably doesn't know a lot that they're not telling use, just erring on the side of caution, which is always a good idea. They would only know if someone is ME/CFS positive if a person told them so, pretty much as with any other disease. They would probably just add this to the list of people they don't want to donate blood for fear of contamination.

    On the plus side, it raises a certain amount of awareness as to the seriousness of this disease, don't you think? Marie

    PS Toxins such as dental amalgams, pesticides, etc. also play a part in ruining our immune systems, and making us vulnerable to viruses.
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  3. Svette_Palme

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    Yes, now the "reply" button is there, it wasn't there yesterday... whatever, seems better now.

    About the issue, we should continue it on the original thread - I will copy my post over there, it is near the top on page one [but so will this one be when I post this].

    Yes, it is a good thing for CFS awareness, and credibility, good point.

    And, like a lot of Fibro, and CFS, people I remember having a string of flu illnesses just before all these weird Fibromyalgia symptoms started happening... And I had many, many, mercury amalgam fillings and some bad teeth and Trigeminal Neuralgia {all my face pains went away when I got my teeth pulled] [and I like my dentures!].

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