Blood glucose level is 70, is this hypoglycemic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Chelz

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    Hello everyone,

    My doctor had my blood glucose levels checked and they are 70. She didn't mention if this was good or bad. A few years ago, it was 79 I remember.

    I get mixed reviews from family and friends on this. Most people say that my level is great, but some have mentioned the possiblitly of hypoglycemia.

    I know I should have discussed this more with my doctor, but she is the type that if she doesn't mention it, I'm good with that test. She did however mention my low levels of Vitamin D (18) and I have been on a great supplement for that and my level is getting better with that.

    If I don't eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on time, I do usually get more brain fog and a little more fatigue and irritability, it's not horrible, but somewhat noticeable. I just assumed that was from my fibro. Any thoughts on this or anyone else with lower levels? Hugs Chelz.

  2. Chelz

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    I take a capsule Vitamin D3 from Life Extension. I take 5000 IU's per day. This supplement from this company seems to be the only brand that has raised my Vitamin D levels.

    I was at 18 many months ago, was recently tested in May and my level is now 40. This supplement is cheap, only $11.00 plus S&H it comes out to about $16.00 for a sixty day supply.

    I was taking a softgel Vitamin D3 before this supplement and my levels didn't go anywhere. I was on the softgel for about 3 months. I have also been taking Life Extension for about 3 months and the levels are up!!

    The powder capsule form is a small capsule, easy to swallow, doesn't upset my stomach and works. Geeeeeze, I sound like an infomercial, LOL.

    I love to share information to everyone on this board if I happen to find something that according to blood levels, works. Hope you found this helpful. Hugs to you, Chelz.
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    I would highly recommend that you see a competent endocrinologist that can help you sort out your blood sugar concerns. There are many different types of complex blood sugar issues that only a skilled endo. can diagnose and of course to know for certain if you have hypoglycemia or if you react more sensitively than some people when your blood sugar drops (which happens to me).

    It took 3 endocrinologists to diagnose me with a very unique type of blood sugar issue. I was only the 2nd patient in his office that had it, and it doesn't even have a name. Two other seemingly good endos that had come highly recommended glossed over the condition because they were rushing through the visit and were ignoring my concerns.

    Not that you have a complex blood sugar issue in the slightest, but it sounds like the doc you are seeing now is not giving you all of the information you need. It's really important to know what your blood sugar level is and to know what foods to eat and when in order to stave off pre-diabetes and diabetes. (I heard on the news that one in four Americans have pre-diabetes and diabetes!) If you do have hypoglycemia, the endo. will give you a list of foods to help you keep up your blood sugar. Hope this helps!

    All the best,


  4. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    and I start sweating and getting sick when mine hits 100 which is normal for most people. I've gotten as low as 42 and I had trouble breathing and inches away from passing out.

    I would suggest trying to eat on a regular schedule and having healthy snacks between meals.

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