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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    In lieu of freaking out, I'm going to calmly, cooly, ask you all what could be the matter with me. (There, feeling better already!)

    For several days now, I've been getting red spotting on my tissues. I thought it was just undigested cherry juice, because I've been eating a lot of cherries lately.

    Today it was somewhat painful to pass stool, and there was more red on the tissue than usual. At first I thought, "Cherries," but I hadn't eaten any cherries yesterday or today. I got more tissue, and came up with more of what I'm guessing is blood.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this? This week I've also noticed mild stomach pain right after eating, and more gas than usual. Could there be something wrong inside me? Or could it be just a small rectal tear that will heal up on its own? What kind of tests should I consider, and how urgent is this?

    I feel better with all of you here. I've decided to set aside my upsetness for now, and eat some eggs or something and see what's on TV. Thank you very very much for helping me with this.
    ((xx)) Shannon
  2. 69mach1

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    it could be polyps, ulcers, hemmoroids...or other best bet is always call the dr...

  3. ckball

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    but it never is a good thing either. I see you are only 24 so it probably isn't too serious, but I would get it checked out.

    I had rectal cancer 10 years ago. I had hemmoroids since my 20's when i had my daughter. Fast forward 20 years, I started seeing more blood on the tissue, then the pain was worse than usual. I had heard a voice in my head one day "it's cancer take care if it". I did and it was a maglingnat tumor INSIDE of a hemmoriod. From the exam prior to surgery Dr said just your same ole hemms but lets take them out, he had been after for me for a couple years to do it, but the operation is a real pain in the As@. No pun intended.

    Anyway, back to you, it probably is a small tear, do you get constipated sometimes. I would not eat anything red for a few days before going to the Dr and they will do a rectal swab (oh we get to have so much fun,lol) to see if there is blood in the stool. I know it is a very scary thing to see. No one wants to find blood there.

    You can do your own exam (ok everyone go ewwww now) You can feel a tear or a lump. Everything should be smooth if your relaxed. Use a little KY or vasaline.

    We all have to take control of ALL of our dds, some aren't as fun as others but it comes with the package:).

    Don't get to worked up yet but I would mention it to the Dr. Good thoughts coming your way. Carla
  4. ilovecats94

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    I agree and think it could be hemorrhoids. My husband had external ones and he was bleeding profusely. The doc examined him and gave him a cream to use and that was that.

    As embarrassing as it is, you really do need to go to the doctor about this. You really should get a physical exam. I know they will want you to do a stool test too, probably.

    Good luck and call on Monday for the appointment.

    Don't eat beets or anything like that, tomatoes, anything in the orange or red family.

  5. JLH

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    I stay pretty constipated even though I take 2 stool softeners before bed each evening.

    I have internal hemmoroids that will bleed ocassionally, especially if it has been pretty painful in passing a stool. Sometimes the spotting will continue on for a day or two.

    This happens when I am not eating enough fiber.

    Constipation is common in those who take pain medications--for some reason, the narcotic pain meds are famous for causing constipation.

    If the problem gets to be too bad, you can have surgery to have the internal hemmoroids removed.

    I found out about mine during a colonoscopy which I had about 8 years ago and have never done anything about them. The bleeding doesn't happen that often, and it's my fault when it does happen because I haven't been eating enough fiber. I normally have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but for the last couple months, I haven't because I just get tired of it. And ... since I had the accident that caused me to get my recent knee surgery, I have been taking more narcotic pain meds.

    I had to have some pre-admission testing done before surgery, which on my lab work, it revealed that my blood count was low. The doc's office called and told me that I was bleeding out internally and losing blood somewhere and that I needed to have my blood work re-done and take a stool test.

    I worried about it the first day after the call until I realized that the blood loss from from the internal hemmoroids .... as well as I have frequent nose bleeds from sinus problems.

    So .... don't lose any sleep over your problem. But, you should mention this in your next visit with your PCP -- he may want you to have a colonoscopy just to confirm the problem. And .... it doesn't hurt to go ahead and have a colonoscopy just to get a baseline test on file, and then repeat every 10 years, I think is the protocol.

  6. kholmes

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    I'm not that anatomically informed, but the above posts sound like good advice. I hope you can get in to a doctor soon to get this checked out.

    Don't you HATE the scary little things our bodies do?
    I wouldn't worry (easy for me to say, isn't it? But harder to do; I, too have had a couple of little scary pains in places I'd rather they not be, lately). But there are lots of minor things that could be causing this.

    As usual, you are in my prayers, and I hope you thorougly enjoyed your eggs and TV.

  7. Empower

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    could be something as simple as hemorroids, but if it continues or increases, it really is important that you at least call your doctor
  8. Marta608

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    Don't you just hate them???!?!

    It could be so many things, Shannon, especially considering that the blood is fresh and not coupious. The cherries you've been eating could have irritated your bowel as noted by the little tummy ache and gas; you could have an internal hemorrhoid which is very likely since you mention a bit of pain when passing a stool, or some other irritation as you said. You're wise not to panic.

    If it was me, I'd make an appointment with my doctor. I don't see it as an emergency unless you have more, greater bleeding, but it's wise to get it checked out, especially if it continues. Be sure to mention this to your doctor the next time you see him or her even if this settles down for now.

    Hang in there. This too shall pass. ;>)
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  9. butterfly83

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    If its just a little blood, and its on the tissue, it might just be a fissure (a cut from passing stool that is too hard). It should heal up on its own. Try to get some extra fiber in your diet (in food or supplements) to clear up the problem.

    Don't worry too much :)
  10. mme_curie68

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    i had some hemorrhoids after my first child that turned into a fissure. Then, pain in the @ss took on a whole new meaning.

    Unfortunately, the exam for this is no less horrifying than the colonoscopy. They put me on this forward inclining bench thingy that looked like some sadistic torture apparatus to get my tuckus in "perfect position".

    Then the doc took a quick look and pronounced it fissure.

    I took hydrocortisone suppositories for about a month and it healed.

    Go and get it checked, just to be on the safe side. Statistically, it's likely to be something minor, but don't take any chances.

    I worked with a woman who was dx'd with colon cancer at 32. She made it, but it had progressed a bit before she went to get herself checked out and was kicking herself afterwards.

    Madame curie
  11. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    After I wrote, carefully not freaking out, I got some ointment (olive oil, beeswax and some herbs) and applied it a couple times. I haven't had the problem since. I think it just must have been a small tear from that hard movement and cherry trouble. I've stopped the cherries. :( And I've been doing fine since then. :)

    Thank you for educating me so thoroughly on a subject with such a high eeeeeeeeeew factor. And thank you to whoever patted me on the back for staying fairly cool about it.

    ((thanks - blushing)) Shannon
  12. PVLady

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    Whenever you have any bleeding the best thing is to see the doctor. Most of the time it is internal hemorrhoids but of the "off chance" you have polyps, it would be excellent to have a colonscopy and have them removed. Polyps can become cancer.

    You will feel so much better to know what is going on. I just told myself, I would rather deal with the inconvenience of an exam and catch something before it is serious.

    I had both an endoscopy and colonoscopy last year. They put you to sleep and the next thing you know it is all over. It did not hurt at all afterward either.

    The endoscopy looks down your throat into the stomach. I was diagnosed with a condition due to acid reflux and have been on meds since. The colonscopy was all ok.

    I would make an appt with a gastroenterologist and see what he thinks.

  13. KelB

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    A friend of mine is just getting over two weeks of bleeding. He was diagnosed with a gastric virus, so yours could be that simple. Do go to the doc though, and have your mind put at rest.