Blood this signigicant?

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    Since I am day 3 into another major relapse, I've been curious about what my BP and pulse are doing. While I'm in a sitting posistion, my BP is around 122/78 and pulse around the 70s. When I stand up the pressure drops a little to 106/60 and pulse ususally increases to around the upper 90s.

    I know none of those numbers are ever really high or really low, but there is a significant change. Also, last night after I did a minor job (I had to replace the sheet over my sofa...refolding and tucking it in) I was so exhausted I thought I was going to faint. So before I sat down I check my BP and it was 153/113 with a pulse of 98. My systolic has never gotten above 130.

    I'm guessing that it is normal for a little rise in blood pressure after exertion, but this much????
  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I hve watched and talked to my doctor many times about this over 20 years of this illness.

    122/78 is darn near perfect since 120/80 is great. No the drop is not bad, it is about normal for a lot of us. If you are having a lot of pain or you are not real active the rise is not bad either. Likely it went back down shortly after.

    I worked in a large clinic in Kansas City years back, so I know something about all this.

    Don't make a BIG deal over checking it too often either. You will worry yourself into high BP. Check it about every 3 days and keep a log for a while if you are concerned.

    I wouldn't be over what you are telling us.

    As far as pulse mine does the same thing since I am not active like I should be. My resting is about 52 which for years they tell me is fine. When I get active my shoots to about 90. Not unusual either. Some people's is about 100 all the time. [This Message was Edited on 01/27/2008]
  3. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    So do "normal" people experience a drop while standing? Is this just something that we CFS/MEers have? I was also concerned a little about that 153/113. Now I know I'm not stroke bound or heart attack bound or anything....but that just seemed like a very significant rise.

    I not really worry about this, but am more curious than anything. Thanks again. Oh yeah, I am not in any pain but am quite sedentary during these episodes.
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    Mine's normal, in general (125/75ish), and rises quickly to the level you've shown for yours when I exert myself OR when I'm away from the house. It's always high in doctors' offices, always. I've let them medicate me for it off and on but get too sick. I have been taking C12 Peptide tablets and it's very gently keeping my blood pressure normal. No side effects, none. I've asked about the rapid increases upon exertion and was repeatedly told it's normal as long as it comes back down at rest. Mine will occasionally drop for no apparent reason, to about the same numbers you've shared.

    Peace and love!
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  5. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I can share some on this.

    When I was 5, maybe 7, I started fainting. One doctor said it was a phase and I would outgrow it. Well, next time it happened, I had a seizure. My mother took me to a neurologist. The nurse took my blood pressure in three positions, standing, sitting and laying down. She saw a difference she didn't expect. She did it again and again. The neurologist did it when he came in. And he had me walk.

    He then told my mother that I have a blood pressure problem. In my 7 year old mind, I understood it that my blood pressure does the opposite than it should. It goes up when it should go down and it goes down when it should go up.

    Doctor told me that when I feel faint I should lay down quickly which makes my blood pressure go up. (I now know, it takes gravity out of the equation.)He said I would learn to control it unconsciously.

    I would faint about every couple of years. Always associated with standing up, always with some sudden stressor, sudden embarrassment, sudden pain, or something like that. One time was when I had blood drawn. Now I always lay down when blood is drawn.

    After I was 18, I went about ten years without any fainting. Then I fell on my brick stairs. I fainted, had the seizure. I decided to go to doctor again. I figured more might be known now.

    I had the EEG, and nothing there was found. The neurologist told me "Some people just faint. Everyone will faint given enough stress. Your threshold is just lower."

    So I asked her why I have seizures. She said some people who faint have seizures from the lack of oxygen to brain. So basically, she didn't know.

    So I looked up info myself. I found the term "vasovagal hypotension." Basically, the hypothalamus / nerve / vessel communication fails and blood pools in stomach and legs and leaves brain and out I go.

    A few years later, in the middle of an outpatient gynecological procedure, I did it again.

    Skip forward a few years. And I got sick with this pain, fatigue, brain fog, etc.

    As I was researching stuff on what it might be, I came across a study at John Hopkins which showed people with CFS are very likely, high, high percentage, have orthostatic / neuromediated hypotension, which are similar, maybe even the same to vasovagal hypotension.

    That is one way I knew for sure I have CFS. Although it happened rarely, the blood pressure thing was always part of my history and identity. Often I would have to put my head down to avert an episode.

    So, there definitely is a connection.

    I recommend you Google the hypotension and CFS.

    Still waiting for the big announcement.

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    My blood pressure does similar things. I've had issues with passing out due to blood pressure drops since I was young. Then it was usually due to being really sick or getting a really bad sunburn or sun poisoning, any type of stress on my body.

    Since getting sick and being diagnosed with FM, its gotten worse. Its gotten especially worse during this past year. Last year, about this time, I had gone to the cardiologist, because my neurologist had noticed that my blood pressure was dropping somewhat significantly upon standing. I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse by the cardiologist, but was told it wasn't that big of a deal.

    Since its gotten worse, and I feel like I'm going to pass out more often and the heart palpitations have gotten worse with mild exertion, I went back to see him this past week. Yay, more testing. Another EKG, an ultrasound of the heart, and another 24hr Holter Monitor. My blood pressure has always typically been on the low side. My heart rate was raised somewhat significantly while I was there though. It jumped from 90-something up to almost 130 immediately after walking from one exam room to another. It often feels like my heart is going to beat its way out of my chest. So I go back to see him this coming week for the results of the ultrasound and to see what else he wants to do. I want more testing done on the almost passing out thing, because that concerns me since I am home by myself most of the time.

    I've learned over the years to feel the warning signs of those almost fainting periods, and either sit down on the ground quickly or at the very least, put my head down so blood will rush back to my brain. Scares me though. I've passed out too many times throughout my life, and it scares me that one of these days I may really hurt myself.

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