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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Didoe, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Didoe

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    My pressure spikes, has for years. It has a mind of its own and doesnt spike necessarily under direct stress, its totally unpredictable. 10 years ago put on a beta blocker for BP. Without warnings of any kind from family doc, I took it and took it becoming more depressed by the week. A colleague who was studying medicine suggested I see a neurologist to rule out other brain issues.
    I did and he put me thru many tests and finally asked what meds I was taking. I told him beta blocker for pressure. He said, "that's it, dont EVER use BP meds of any kind, you're body can't handle them."
    Last year my family prescribed BP meds and I told him what I wrote above, no BP meds EVER. He says, they're all new and different now, so its okay. Gives me BENICAR. I dont take it until last month after he reminds me my pressure is spiking too much and the stress I'm living with is too dangerous, take the BP meds,will ya?
    I started last month and gradually become the suicidal loon before you:) I didnt make the connection until Sat afternoon and stopped taking them immediately, I dont advise this for ANYONE ELSE, but if you are taking BP meds and suffer from severe depression, please talk to your doc, it may be a rare side effect but they know it does exist.
    I still want a psych evaluation, but I definately know I reacted once again to these meds. Antidepressants do the same thing to me.
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    Thank you fro bringing this to attention, I'm battling anxiety and depression right now, I started beta blocker last summer, I will be checking this out as I am very sensitive to meds. Took Xanax Xr for two weeks and I felt I went on a ride through Hades until I figured out it was the meds.
  3. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    weeangel...sometimes it amazes me what docs outside US know while people here think the US is in front on everything medical etc, what a joke.
    The only other excuse for shoving these meds on me is that my doc didnt take what I said seriously...I'd rather think that than consider our doc are so uninformed.
    Thanks for this. The doc who told me this was not from the US maybe that's why it was so clear for him.
    I'm telling you what I experienced now for a second time is not worth EVER going thru again.

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