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    I only have this snippet - anyone got more?

    Newcastle UK study on CFS
    Prof Julia Newton and colleagues monitored ambulatory blood pressure over 24 hours in 38 CFS patients, 120 healthy controls and a fatigue comparison group of 47 people with autoimmune liver disease. They found lower blood pressure and abnormal diurnal blood pressure regulation in patients with CFS.
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    (I have high blood pressure)
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    I think low BP is a separate issue which is often present in those with our illnesses just as some of us suffer from sensory overload but not all of us. Our illnesses are tossed salads of misery. Some days, it's only our sense of humor which keeps us going. Thank God for that.

    Love, Mikie
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    for the complete article look at "ME research UK". Just google it and go then to their site "research" and then "completed research". There you will find it

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    Thank you konijin, ME Research Uk are doing a great job with very little money (all UK government research millions go to psychiatrists)