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    I have FM and I went to the urgent care center this morning. I have had a HORRIBLE cold for a week and the sore throat got SO bad I could not stand it any longer. I also had possible conjuctivitis and pain from the neck up that I thought I would DIE. Well, my blood pressure (which has ALWAYS been NORMAL) was very high. At triage it was 150/111 and then before I was discharged it was 170/115. ( after 2 hour wait in major pain) The dr was not worried. He said it was probably the pain I was in and to take the pain meds. He gave me a steroid shot too. I have Pharyngitis and a whole lotta swelling in the sinus area and ears. My eyes also are showing the virus so I got eye drops too.
    I am worried about the blood pressure. My parents and dear husband tell me to let it go. They said that if the dr was not worried I will only make the pressure worse by being worried myself. Any opinions???? :)

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    Its probably a good idea to have your blood presssure checked when you are feeling better. Being ill and having such a long wait would send most peoples BP up. Mellow
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