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    Help! When I went to the neuro yesterday he said I have "dangerously high" blood pressure. It's always kind of high, 140 to 150 over 80 or so, yesterday it was 168/100!

    I already take a blood pressure med so I want to try diet changes. DD just took a class on nutrition and gave an oral report on the effect of nutrition on hyper tension.

    Her advice is more fruit and veggies (fruits ok, but I don't do veggies well, baby carrots and salad, but nothing else), whole grains, and cut out the salt, all of it!

    Any other ideas and any ideas on replacing the salt? I had a kidney stone years ago and went without salt for about a year. I used garlic a lot, even on popcorn. Of course I no longer have any friends who have to talk to me face-to-face. Thank goodness for cyber friends!

  2. Greenbean7

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    Thanks for the info. I am going to start using garlic in place of salt, but will also try the sea salt. I think I actually have some at home and it is the good stuff!

    Can't use the grapeseed. I have migraines and vasodilators will trigger them.

    Aspirin makes me sick. I'm not allergic, but it really upsets my stomach even if I get baby aspirin or coated esoteric (I think that's right) ones.

    DD suggested red pepper flakes so I will try that also.

    I will go to the health food store tomorrow and check on magnesium and potassium. DD is concerned about the potassium level and some one else told me about magnesium.

    I should probably be taking a multi-vitamin of some kind, too. Never have.

    Is there iodine in the sea salt? Isn't that one of the things we get from good old Mortens? Is iodine something else I should look for? By itself or in a multi of some sort? I'm such a novice at this stuff!

    Thanks, again,
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    lowers BP very well if you like it(it can form the base of veggie juice in your juicer.

    Are you certain that they took the pressure correctly also.

    I always insist if the reading seems a little odd, to have mine taken on bare skin, lying down, both arms, which is really the only accurate way to test it.

    Sometimes the cuffs are off or the machine need calibrating.

    Do get it checked elsewhere to make sure. I once had a doctor where all four BP gauges were way off. I now have my own that cost only about $35 and I take it lying down, no talking etc.

    Feel better. Annie
  4. Greenbean7

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    This has actually been an ongoing problem and the readings have been pretty much consistantly high for quite some time.

    I know they aren't very accurate, but I take it at the grocery store and the readings there, although always high, have been quite consistant at around 150 over 90 or so.

    Last time I went to the GP they were short on people so had given a couple of the girls a crash course and sent them out to take BPs! The poor girl seemed quite confused and I know that my BP is hard to hear. She said it was 120/80 but I don't think she actually heard it at all.

    I'm sure one of the reasons it was so high on Tuesday is because I am fighting a migraine. Of course, it always goes up when this happens but not usually until it gets so bad I can't function and go the the doc or hospital for a shot. I've had it taken at the hospital during a migraine and it was more than 200 over 100. They kept me until it came down. If it hadn't they would have kept me over night. I'm still controlling this migraine with Maxalt and Fiorinal and can hardly wait to go home and take both and just go to bed. Dinner can wait until tomorrow!

    Thanks again for your help. I'll check tomorrow, if I get here, and would appreciate any info you all can give me.

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    Thanks some more, Patti.

    I did dig in the back of the cupboard and find the sea salt last night! Would you believe I had it because when my DD had her belly button pierced she was supposed to rinse it with a sea salt water solution!

    My BP med is Inderol (80 mg)and I've taken it for probably 10 years. I think we will try just increasing the dose instead of changing. I get the generic and can't afford the newer name brand ones that don't have generic yet.

    Other than that I take:

    Hydrocodone - Have taken it for about 4 years
    Estridoil - Hormone, about 2 years
    Lamictal - 4 years
    Calcium/Vit D - 2 years (I have osteo in my hips/pelvis. I take the hormone to increase the calcium uptake from the calcium tablets)
    Muscle relaxer at night, about 4 years

    Nothing has changed so I don't really think my meds are causing it.

    I have tried magnesium, took it for several months, played with the dosage, but never saw any change in my sleep patterns. I will check into that and potassium, though.

    Jamin - I agree the BP machines in stores aren't always accurate, but doc said if I used the same one all the time it would at least give me an idea of whether it was going up more or coming down. I don't put much stock in those numbers, just watching the curve I guess you could say!

    I go back to the doc on April 14 and we will be discussing all of this and see if my change in diet has helped.

    Thanks again!
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    The chemicals in fragrances cause my BP and heart rate to get dangerously high. I use an air purifier in my home. I also take Molybdenum and Pantethine to help counteract the effects of aldehydes, which are a common ingredient in fragrances. It is also a part of formaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a byproduct of aldehyde. It is a powerful muscle poison and the heart is a muscle. Two years ago my BP was around 180/120 and my heart rate was about 130. Now my BP is about 118/75 and my heart rate is about 78.
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    It seems like so often I get little or no response to my posts so I am really happy that you all helped and put so much effort (Patti!) into getting me information.

    When I went to the grocery store on Friday evening I ran into a friend (from our Red Hat group) who has lost a lot of weight and gotten her blood pressure under control through diet, well, and exercise, but I can't do much of that but do some.

    She suggested putting lite salt in all of our shakers and not telling DH. He probably wouldn't notice if I didn't tell him! She also recommended orange juice to help with the potassium problems. So I bought brocoli, cauliflower, more baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, orange juice and apples. I don't like most veggies, allergic to celery, and the only fruit I really like is apples. I like bananas but they can be a migraine trigger so I try to avoid them.

    I'm trying to increase my calcium, too, so I bought some cottage cheese (I already drink fat free milk every day). Wow, the cottage cheese I got has lots of sodium! I never knew! Anyone know if there is a low sodium one out there?

    Also got some beets. I love beets. I went ahead and got canned ones because they actually had very little sodium and I'm basically lazy! I'll get fresh ones when the fruit stand has them. And asparagas when it starts getting cut here in a couple weeks. I love the fresh asparagas!

    Ok, I gotta get to work. They think that's why I come here. In truth, I'm only here to use the computer!


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