Blood presure and Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jakeg, Jan 13, 2006.

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    I'm currently monitoring my bp at the request of my pcp,going on the third week now and I have noticed a correlation between the pain and my bp and was wondering if anybody else has noticed this. Today my bp was pretty high 153/98 with a pulse of 77 and the pain is really bad today like it has been since I had to stop taking neurontin. I've been in constant pain since then and ussually try to sleep as much as possible to avoid the pain, anyway wednesday and thursday my bp was the lowest I have seen it since beeing dx with FM wed=131/78 P=81 and thur=127/77 P=81. Those 2 days were the best I've had in months no pain at all, almost thought there was something wrong that I did not feel any pain at all.

    I wish I had more days like wednesday and thursday. The pain is really starting to beet me down every day with no end in sight even when I take the vicodins it just takes the edge off and it seems as though it wont be long before I hit bottom. My physco says that I have a real upbeet attitude about this dx and thinks I'll be fine but it seems like it is getting the best of me now. I try not to think about it along with all of the things I can no longer do, but it's really hard. God I just want my life back.

    Sorrry about the rant but just writing about it seems to help

    Just looking for thoughts and opinions on this subject.

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    there is physiological explanation for that. when you are in pain, your body is stressed so your bp goes up. so it might not be a cause so much as an effect of your body being stressed and trying to cope with hurting.

    hang in there! this is an exhausting struggle but you are working very hard at it and that is very courageous. :)

    -- ellikers
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    Everytime I go to the doctor in a "Pain Crisis" as I like to call it, my BP is extrememly high. Excruciating pain is a major stress on the body, and our body responds to that. I take medication for my blood pressure regularly, but like I said, when I'm in really bad pain, it is always high.

    It is very hard to cope with this illness. It can get you down, quickly. Medications do nothing but take the edge off, and we have to take so many different medications!! I hate taking so many pills everyday, and still hurting like hell. It is not fun, to say the least. But, the old saying "life is what you make of it" applies in my opinion. We can either focus on our pain, the things we can no longer do, etc., or we can try to find the good things in life. You have to look hard sometimes, but they are there.

    I have been really down on myself the past couple of months, because my daugher (8) is really struggling with my health problems. I feel like one of the worst mom's ever. I can hardly take care of myself, and adding 2 small kids (also have a 7 y/o boy-too self absorbed to notice my problems) to the picture doesn't help. I'm not able to be there for them the way I think I should. And my poor daugher, worries herself sick. She is always complaining of a stomach ache, and worries about everything and nothing.

    Anyways, I've gotten off topic here, sorry. Take care of yourself.

    Good luck,
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    My blood pressure to goes sky high when I am in a flare up.I can even see it in my face and chest like a flush.
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    For more info
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    What other info are you looking for Jake? I guess I don't understand what else you'd like to hear about.

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    I was just wandering if anybody else has noticed this. Currently 1 of my meds is atacand for bp which I don't know if it really helps or not. It seems as though I can judge how bad the pain will be for the day by my bp. When its really high first thing in the morning it turns out to be a really bad day, my vicodin doesn't come close to helping releive the pain. Ussually it just takes the edge off but there are alot of times that it wont even do that.

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    The more stress I'm under, the higher my blood pressure goes and the more I hurt. It's a package.
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    Oh, okay. Now I understand. :)

    Yep, when I am in pain by blood pressure (which is usually very low) is higher than my average (this is what I have noticed when I go to the doctor's office -- which I've been to a lot over the last year).