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    I'm wondering if anyone who has hypoglycemia along with the lyme has the same related symptoms as I do. When I have an incident (very shaky where my muscles esp. in my legs and arms are weak and seem to almost be uncontrollable, spaced out, can't concentrate or tolerate alot of noise or talking, etc.), I also have alot of joint cracking and it seems like excess "air" in my joints and even my head/ears. I know this sounds strange, and it's very hard to explain, but I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with these type of symptoms?
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    hopefully someone will come along with a possible answer...

    All I can say probably what you already know: lyme seems to be able to cause so many weird symptoms, it's not called a 'masquerader' for nothing... so I wouldn't doubt it was from it, at least.

    Hope those symptoms disappear soon!

    all the best,
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    I actually asked a friend of mine who is a doctor about this years ago when it started. He said that the joint cracking can be from any type of infection. The by-product of bacteria/virus can be a type of gas (I forget which-maybe CO2). So I was thinking that when I have a blood sugar spike, the bacteria goes crazy feeding on the sugar and releasing a gas byproduct. Anyway, I've never talked to anyone that had this I'm curious if I'm the only one...which would make me think that maybe it is not Lyme related. Unfortunately, it has gotten worse over the past 7 yrs.
    Thanks for your reply.
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    Yes it happens to me probably 2-3 times a week. Last time I went for a blood test it was happemning. Blood sugar was 63 when results came back
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    Do you have increased joint cracking during your episodes?
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