blood sugar issues?

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    Just wanted to know if anyone feels as if their blood sugar levels go way up and way down during the day. It's the pits sometimes. If I get hungry I feel very shaky and wobbly and then I'll eat something(not sugary just like a sandwich) and it makes me feel like my heart is racing. Are these blood sugar problems??? Thanks so much!
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    And after talking with my doc, I had to learn to eat better. You need to eat things throughout the day that provide natural sugur such as fruit. Then, you need to make sure to eat at least one thing a day that has carbohidrates in it. That gives your body the long burning energy that it needs to regulate your blood pressure. Since I started to do this, I have stoppped passing out. Also, when you change body positions (ie-sitting to standing, getting out of bed, etc)make sure to do it slowly and allow your body time to adjust as needed with the blood pressure. lol and I found out the hard way to not crouch down pulling weeds then stand up . I fell flat on my butt hahaha. Should have seen the expression on the neighbors faces!!! I think they thought I was drunk or stoned or something. heehee. Also take good care of yourself when you are on meds. Almost all pain meds will lower your blood pressure so you have to be extra careful with yourself then. My normal bp is 96/63 or lower. Just take care and go slow. Change your diet, and you will be on the road to recovery!!!
    oh yeah, please ignore my spelling errors. I am dislexic. Melody
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    I'm not sure if Melody meant carbohydrates, or protein, when she said: "Then, you need to make sure to eat at least one thing a day that has carbohidrates in it. That gives your body the long burning energy that it needs to regulate your blood pressure."

    Carbs are easiest for your body to break down, so when you need to elevate your blood sugar, eat some (preferrably fruit, I guess). You should also eat protein at the same time, which will give you a longer-lasting benefit. Fats are the last to break down. Since many of us are hypoglycemic, a good book to get is The Glucose Revolution.

    Also, it's better to eat several small meals/snacks during the day (about every 3 hours) rather than three large ones. That will help keep your blood sugar constant.

    I've found when I eat anything with sugar, my heartbeat gets stronger and faster (not in a good way!).
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    I would get a low-blood-sugar feeling (shaky, etc) and had to eat every two hours or so. The problem went away when I quit eating sugar, honey, etc, though I still eat fruit. After being off sugar for 6 months or so, I've found I can eat dessert like once a week or so without being too affected by it.

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    Hi Bibby, My blood sugar was doing weird things to me too. I was eating all the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones and I still felt miserable. I had a hair analysis done and found that my chromium levels were very low. Now I take 200mcg of chromium picolinate right before every meal and I am feeling so much better. I do have to buy the right brand or it doesn't work. I buy SOLARAY. The kind they sell at Wal-Mart didn't seem to help.

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    Small meals, frequently spaced throughout the day..and protein is what keeps your blood sugar levels from plummeting...NOT CARBOS..If you eat carbos, be sure they are the complex kind, not refined like as in sugary foods..I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia many years ago, but have been able to deal with it with above suggestion..

    Some people have reported that Chromium Picolinate has problems with its use..However, GTF Chromium is suppose to be OK..but Chromium is very important to keeping blood levels normal, too..

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    Sorry , like I said my spelling is really bad. I spell most things phonetically. So, yes I ment carbo's. Things such as potatoes and pasta will help keep energy levels up where they belong. I did find that multi vitemins are really bad for me. Wasn't till I saw a doc that I found out that my body doesn't like some of the doses of them that you get. Maybe you are having the same problem? I switched to childrens and only take one a day so is not as bad. Made me very dizzy and sick to my stomach. Does this help? Melody (pegasis)
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    with Reactive Hypoglycemia (insulin resistance) by my chiropractor. Since than he has out me on some Metagenics medical foods and have some what changed my diet. I am feeling so much better and have lasting energy. I think this was a HUGE problem with my FM/CFS.