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    I have been having episodes lately where I have been feeling like passing out about two hours after eating so I bought a blood tester from the store. Normally my level is at 90 before eating. After I eat it's at around 135. Just recently I have been getting the weird feelings before I eat. I just tested my blood as I will be going to get dinner soon. My level was at 175. What is going on? This reading was taken four hours after my last meal with no snacks or drinks of any kind inbetween. Please help!
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    Below is a site from the American Diabetes Association on checking your blood glucose level.

    Note that it mentions that each meter is different so you have to read the booklet for specific instructions AND that the blood glucose target ranges are customized based on several factors that they elaborate on in the site. Your doctor normally would set the target range, and I assume you have not had problems before so there is no set target range for you now.

    They suggest taking your levels (and they tell you when to take it, and your meter should indicate where on your body to take it from) and then discuss those results with your doctor. Your doctor may run blood work on you also.

    P.S. sometimes equipment doesn't work properly, so make sure batteries are replaced so you have new ones in there.
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    The adrenal glands can also have an affect on spiking blood sugar levels. I would suggest seeing your primary dr to see if you need to be seen by an endo dr.

    Eating smaller meals more often throughout the day tends to keep blood sugar levels more regulated, as long As the meals aren't loaded with sugar or too many carbs.

    Take care.
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