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    I would like to know if anyone else has been having problems with low blood sugar ???? I try to eat the low glycemic way fruit followed by protein . I avoid the sugar like the plague . But i have really been batteling the low blood sugar . I have a meter so i have been testing it like crazy. I have taken chromium and still do but i do not think that is really helping . Has anyone tried sprinula tablets to take in between meals. I am so tired of spending money on stuff that just does not work . I really watch my diet . But for some reason it just is not enough. any info would be much appreciated. thanks
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    I also have low blood sugar. Have you had the 6 or 8 hour glucose tolerance test?

    They found out that my blood sugar dropped dramatically at the second hour.

    So I eat a good breakfast, then two hours later I must have something to eat also.

    My doctor, who is very up to date on supplements, said to carry orange juice with me, that it works better than any tablets or supplements I could buy.

    I find that if I eat every two hours, I don't get sick. My blood sugar remains low but I don't feel like going out and killing the entire world.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    I've had low blood sugar all my life. It responded very well to Spirulina back when I could handle taking supplements and I just loved that stuff. It made me feel like a more normal person. I used to go around singing "Spi-rulina! Spirulina! Spiruliiiiiina!" to remind myself to take it. I took 4 to 6 pills at a time at least once a day if not twice.

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    There is a product that keeps blood sugars level. You take it about a half hour before you eat something. It is called Cinnulin (type of cinnamon that helps regulate blood sugar).

    I probably shouldn't say who sells it so maybe look up Cinnulin and the company will pop up. Otherwise find a good cinnamon (it is not just cinnamon from the cupboard) at a health food store for that purpose.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have been hypoglycemic for 25 years. The one thing that I have found was that keeping my blood sugar steady was essential in maintaining my daily life. I found that the real key was not only avoiding sugar but also eating the small meals and many snacks. Your idea of always having a protein with your carb is good. Sometimes I eat as many as 15 times a day if I'm up alot. It is also important to know that many people react to their hypoglycemia is different ways than others do. I have 2 daughters with this also and they are both different. One can't go long without eating and can eat sugar while the other can't eat sugar ar all or go long without eating. People start getting symptoms at blood sugar levels that are higher than other. Some people get symptoms at 70 and others at 85. Everyone is unique. Also, when you wake up in the middle of the night eat a wheat thins or some whole grain cereal. It will help with that morning sugar level.

    Good luck, Terri in TN
  6. joeb7th

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    I had that reading today. 60.

    Never in my 56 years have I ever been told I had low blood sugar and I've had maybe 50 tests in the last 2 and 1/2 years since my body first collapsed.

    Today I was so weak it "hurt" !!! And it just scared the heck out of me. Still not much better.

    By 10:am I was racing to a docs-on-duty, thinking I was going to go out every second.

    I was so weak with cold and tingly hands. Couldn't stand. That weak laying down too.

    Doc said EKG came out normal though and I had no fever.
    Got the 60 reading on blood sugar though and high white blood cell count in urine.

    Doc said the four levels of measurment of white blood cells in urine are trace, small, moderate and large...and mine was in the large measurement.

    He said I had a significant amount of these in my urine.

    Asked me if I had pain urinating which I didn't.

    My kidneys may be killing me though. Didn't tell him that as I thought it was a back strain until I came home and started looking up these symptoms. Doc's got me on sulfamethoxazole.
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    i have low blood sugar, as do some others with cfs.
    its been hard to control but definitely eat protein before bed and when you wake up and then every couple hours throughout the day.
    I dont know how your hypoglycemia manifests itself...but honestly....i only feel better when i DO have sugar. some folks cant eat sweets cause after they do their sugar drops significantly after. However, I feel less spacey and lathargic when i do implement a bit of sugar into my day.
    See what feels good for you...but def stay up on the protein and a little bit o' carbs. I LOVE MEAT.
  8. lillieblake

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    You mentioned numbers 70 and 85 - are these blood sugar levels? My doc never told me what numbers I should NOT have - and I have not been able to find 'safe' numbers on the internet.

    Thanks, Lillie