Blood Test Help? Please....

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  1. Missnae1

    Missnae1 New Member own Dr. could not explain the following results from blood tests that were done. Madwolf or anyone please clue me in.

    ANA Anti-nuclear AB EIA was positive
    ANA Index 1.5 High
    Anti-nuclear AB IFA was positive at 1:1280

    CBC with differntial (automated):
    Lymphocytes 17 Low Normal is 20-45
    Neutrophils 10.2 High Normal is 1.5-8.0
    WBC count was 13.8 High

    Sure would like to know what all of this means, or what specialist I need to read them to me.

    Thanks so much for any help from anyone.

  2. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    what I do know is that a positive ANA is an indication of Lupus. I have a positive ANA also but my numbers were not high enough to be conclusive. perhaps someone more knowledgable will come along. what a putz for a doctor!!!
  3. klutzo

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    Positive ANA ca indicate lupus, as noted above.
    High neutrophils in combination with low lymphocytes and a high white count can indicate a smoldering bacterial infection. We often have many opportunistic infections or viruses, but the viruses cause exactly the opposite situation from your test results.
    My main concern is that your doctor does not know this stuff. That scares me on your behalf.
    These results should be followed up on, so if your doctor does not do it, I would get a second opinion.
    Keep us posted,
  4. Missnae1

    Missnae1 New Member

    Waiting to hear from my "other" Dr....geeze this is maddening. Thanks for those who provide input. Helps ease this frazzeled mind. Bless you!!
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  5. Missnae1

    Missnae1 New Member

    What kind of specialist can analyze the ANA blood test results? Seems I have two doctors that want each other to analyze. How messed up is that!! Is this Rheumy stuff or Neuro stuff or what? Does anyone know? Thank you so much.
  6. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    I wonder what possessed him to request tests that he cannot decipher?

    Marilyn :)