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    Have been on famvir about 4 weeks now, but had a lymphocyte subset done 1 week after being on famvir, have had similar tests done pre famvir too.

    Quick history, previous infections to ebv, cmv, chickenpox 6 years ago which started the cfs ball rolling. In australia I cant get ebv/cmv titre values measured or so Im told. So what my dr is working off is my lymphocytes test results, which are always elevated and dr thinks its ebv reactivation.

    Any way famvir has improved my brain fog, and steady my energy levels, not so up and down, but my sleep quality although improved is not long enough and is back to front, awake all night and sleep during the day eg 8am-1pm. Second week on famvir my aches and pains increased but now have decreased. So getting something out of it, fingers crossed.

    Saw dr today for results of blood test and all my lymphocyte subsets are increased as well as total lymphocyte count. He suggested its probably stirred things up and because we are seeing some improvement to keep going with the famvir and test lymphocytes again in a couple of months.

    Looking for feed back from anyone who has had similar results or can comment on the increase in lymphocytes for AV treatment.
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    wow. excellent results so fast!

    i had the exact same sleep issues with valtrex - sleeping in the day and staying up all night.
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    how did you counteract the sleep thing. I have been on imovane and doxepine, not at same time and irregular use to try to prevent tolerance, but no luck. so now on stilnox/ambien which i havent used in over 12 months and endep/amitriptyline and also melatonin which used years ago but stopped working. Currently the melatonin is helping me sleep 2 hrs, the first night after waking from the melatonin i used stilnox and slept a further 4-5 hours it was great. Last night took both together and slept a total of 3 hours. endep has helped with pain and stiffness but not much with sleep.
    Strange thing is when i sleep during the day anywhere from 2-3hrs it is a really deep sleep, just wish it was a night and maybe 6 hours. Hopefuully the longer im on famvir things will improve.
    What improvements did you notice first? other threads on valcyte said it was cognitive things that improved first like brain fog. I hope im on the right track.
    Thanks for the reply.
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    i was not able to regulate my sleep hours but since i am not working, i did not think it was important. my advice is, if you can, let your body sleep when it wants to.

    also, at the time, i felt i was improving so my doctor said just to leave the sleep irregularity alone since i was still sleeping an appropriate number of hours.

    in order to get a good nights sleep now, i need a benzo or immovane. i am also worried about developing dependancy but i figure sleep is more important right now for the CFS.

    i have heard from many sources that the cognitive issues are supposed to improve first. for me, this is not happening to a significant extent. this has me worried. in fact, i am not even sure the drugs are working.

    i have been on antivirals for quite a long time now. sometimes i feel there is some improvement but then i wonder if i would have felt this much better anyway if i stopped working.

    i just don't know....

    so far, the only positive thing that has happened is the lowering of the RNase L but no one is even sure if that means anything.

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