Blood Test - Pregnenolone Madwolf.. others?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Missnae1, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. Missnae1

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    Just got results from a blood test but Dr is not available for another week to discuss. Can anyone tell me about having low pregnenolone and what that means. My count was less than 10, I am told normal range is 10-230. Any action that I can/should take? (This fibromyalgiac has no patience, can you imagine that?) I did a search but would like additional info.

    Thanks so much
  2. JaciBart

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    Judywhit had posted a mo or so back a listing of all blood test info to help us decipher it ourselves, I had printed it out Thank you Judy! and I just looked at it and I did not see it listed. I am sorry, too tired to go to google right now for you, you will hear something I would bet on here tho.

    Good luck,
  3. Missnae1

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    It's great Madwolf is on vacation, just read his post. Anyone else have any information on pregnenolone. I found "supplement" information. But nothing as it relates to low count in a blood test. Thanks to all!!
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    please go to a holistic physician who can balance your hormones properly. Conventional docs know diddly about this stuff, and you don't want to unbalance yourself further.
    I tried taking pregnenolone myself after reading up on it, and because I am post menopausal, and pregneneolone will turn into any hormone you are short of, it caused my estrogen to go way up , and I started having migraines again. Not good.
    I am now seeing a holistic doc who has me on specially compounded progesterone drops under my tongue, and may put me on a small dose of DHEA, depending upon some tests I just did that are not orthodox medical tests (saliva, stool and hair analysis). Hormones are too dangerous to just experiment with, and they are an important part of our problem, so make sure you get expert help.
    Best wishes,
  5. victoria

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    Thanks for posting about your response to pregnenolone... I was thinking about trying it on my own, but now, after reading your post, no way!

    I too am menopausal, maybe even post, and the last thing I need is estrogen levels to go up as I also had endometriosis. I tried phytoestrogens from soy a year ago -- actually on the advice of a doctor -- and they brought periods back regularly and (worse) very painful - couldn't believe it! Doctor didn't think it would happen as I was just beginning to go thru menopause.

    DHEA (also Rx'd by MD) even caused some pelvic endometrial pain - I've switched to 7-keto, precursor to DHEA , so it seems like I'm getting less estrogen, 'cause that pain went away also. (I did come up low on DHEA blood tests)

    Also progesterone cream has helped me a lot.

    the bottom line is, you (and doctors) never know really -- sometimes you just have to make educated guesses!

  6. Missnae1

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    ...according to my OB/GYN. This is what baffles me. I am having so many hot flashes though. Can't figure why. Does anyone else experience hot flashes due to fibro? Sounds like I need to search for a holistic Dr. ..any suggestions on how to go about that? Holistic medicine would be a new route for me. Thanks for any help.