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    Hi gang.

    Does anybody here know enough about blood tests to answer this question?

    I went to a new Rhuemotologist last Monday who was typically irritated acting after hearing me describe my 10 month long crisis to him. He did the trick question things and finally just handed me a pamphlet on Fibromyalgia and said to try and come up with my own treatment following the general guidelines listed in this pamphlet that sounded like it was written by general doctors who don't give this "catch all" medical malady much validity.

    Lots of recommendations for anti-depressants in treating this as much as anything.

    Almost to humor me though he signed an order for a "broad panel" blood test which I had done later that day at a local blood testing place.

    Today I called this Rhuemy who is located 50 miles a way and his secretary said the test came back negative. Negative....Hmmm, I almost wish "something: would have showed up...but, once again a doctor has more fuel to infer that this is all in my head.

    But the qquestion I have is this. Does this Rhuemotological blood test cover every internal organ and possible illness or malfunction of these organs? Does this tests cover the adrenal glands, the pancreas,gall bladder function, etc?

    If it doesn't what "is" the test that can check these things?

    And can a blood test alone not be enough sometimes to spot problems with any of these internal organs? Can a CT scan and maybe an internal sonagram test find things damaged with these organs that a blood test can miss?

    And is this the usual case or does this particular blood test coming back negative mostly eliminate any chance of these internal organs being in stress or malfunctioning?

    I couldn't speak to the doctor today, and he only wanted to see me that one time. For a second look he said. His secretary would only talk to me and she said she didn't know if this particular blood tests covered the organs and functions I mentioned.

    And this Rheumy highly respects the first Rheumy I saw who has pretty much given up on me. Am I seeing the wrong doctor here and getting the wrong tets? Should I instead see an endocrinologist...or a GI doctor and have a different tests that any of you may know of that would explain my almost daily feelings of feeling sick in a poisoned type way that makes my whole system go haywire with all the symptoms I have described here so many times?

    Weakness, sick feeling and nausea, pain in upper abdomen ( soreness very strong and constant ) bladder weirdness, prickly feeling all over, itchy feelings, and other odd feelings, pains and weakness in legs and even an off-balance feeling?
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    I don't have any answers for you but I am bumping you back up in hopes that someone out there does.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes Diana
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    Do you know what tests the Rheumy ordered, or did he not say? Usually rheumies order tests related to arthritis like RF (rheumatiod factor), Sed rate (related to inflammation), possibly ANA (a lupus test). Mostly these types of tests come back negative in people with FMS, although sometimes the sed rate may be higher than normal.

    What your Dr. refered to as a "broad blood panel" was probably something like a chemistry panel which would include tests for liver function, kidney function, pancreas, glucose level and basic electrolytes.

    I think I responded to another post of yours. I was the one who posted the article about serotonin. Honestly, a lot of what you have posted sounds like anxiety to me. Anxiety can manifest itself any number of ways including feeling faint, nauseous, digestive problems, tingling sensations, etc. I know because I have been there, done that!

    Have you ever been put on an anti-anxiety med. such as xanax, ativan, klonopin, valium? If not, you might want to ask your Dr. to prescribe you a few pills and see if it helps make you feel more normal-feeling. If it doesn't help your problems, well at least you will know to keep looking for something else.

    I hope you can find something to help you! I know how that feels to not know what is wrong with you! At least when you know what is wrong, you can deal with it.

    Take care, Sally
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    I would ask for a copy of the test results. They probably ordered a complete blood count, including a sed rate and test of the RA factor in order to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. Sed rate is a measure of inflammation, along with white blood cells.

    You paid for the tests, so they should provide the results. If not to you, then to your original rheumy or primary care doctor. I always request a copy of them for my files.

    I know it's hard to not be intimdated by doctors, and I frequently get muddled during my visits, but we are hiring these people, not the other way around.

    Good luck,

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