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  1. loto

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    Hi all, hopefully someone can refresh my memory!

    I just got a CBC and have some abnormal things come up:

    White Blood Count is high--14.0
    MCHC is low--31.7
    Eosinophil is high--8.5
    Neutrophils # (whatever that symbol means, i don't know) is high 8.1
    Lymphocyte # (that symbol again) is high--3.8
    Eosinophil # (symbol) is high--1.2

    Seems like previous CBC results I've had my white count has been high. I'm at work now and need to dig all those results up--anyway, my primary doctor was never concerned about any of this, except when my iron was EXTREMELY low.
    And, I seem to recall someone on this board who also has FM saying her white count is always high. Could a high white count be FM related?

    I don't know what to think, I got this blood test for when I see the oncologist on Monday. Going to him for consult because of the melanoma I had (and had all removed, and the path report from that little surgery came back all negative now!!!)

    So, any thoughts on what this report means is greatly appreciated. I also wonder if I should pursue the Lyme thing again? I have no idea!

  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member WBC count as of last week is also 14, and slowly going up. The week before it was 11.

    If you google "lab tests" you should be able to get more information. I did it yesterday. There was one place called "lab tests on line", or maybe it was "lab results on line." Anyway, I was able to find out the possible reasons for certain results to be high or low. It was very helpful.

    Good luck.
  3. loto

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    I did look mine up online also, I am just curious if other people with FM have these kind of results, also.

    Just seems like when my WBC is high like that consistently he would think something of it? I have no idea.
    Maybe the oncologist will have another opinion when I see him on Monday.

  4. crickett

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    My white blood cell count has been high for the last 7 years thats when i was diag with fibro and the dr that had tested me for all the virsus said that if your white blood cell count was abnormal meaning you have some type of infection in the blood!! I have asked other drs and they just blow me off but it seems allfull funny we all have it and we all have the ebstein barr so i think that could be part of our problem.
  5. loto

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    I though other people with FM reported having high WBC. For some reason, that makes me feel just a little bit better. Sounds bad, doesn't it??

    Anyway, like I said, maybe this oncologist I'm going to will have another thought on it, or will test me for other things since my regular doctor is never concerned with it!

    Thanks for your post!