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    Anybody know anything about MCV or MCH levels in the blood? I have learned that low levels indicate anemia...anybody have any idea what high levels may mean? Also low levels of Amylase...know what high means...but not low. Any help would be appreciated. Bless you all
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    I went to refdesk. They offer a medical information site. I used the medical encyclopedia. So,if you need more info I'd look there. The amylase is related to the pancreas and could also relate to the gallbladder.

    The MCV and MCH are related to the size and hemaglobin content of an individualized red blood cell. High levels show a folate and/or vit B12 deficiency.

    This info is from MEDLINEplus medical encyclopedia. Don't know if this confuses more or helps. What did your Doc say about the test?