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    Hello to everyone.I was just curious for some information on blood tests that some doctors use to rule out FMS.I have an autoimmune disorder which makes some of my blood tests not normal.

    I thought that with FMS everyone has normal blood work and this is how a doctor can DX FMS along with the tender points.

    The reason why I ask this is because I was also DX with FMS on the tender points test alone and my autoimmune disorder causes severe pain in alot of the tender points of FMS.

    My blood work has never been normal but some of my doctors think that most of my problems are do to the FMS and I am confused because alot of symptoms from FMS I had with the autoimmune disorder before ever being DX with FMS.

    Is there such thing as secondary FMS in other chronic illnesses and if so is secondary FMS alot harder to treat.I have been on alot of the meds for FMS and they all had the opposit effect on me and made me feel much worse.


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