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    Everytime I have my blood tested, my white blood cell count is higher than normal. My doctors say it's no big deal, however, from what little I do know - it means my body is trying to fight infection. The question is .... is this a commonality among people with FM?

    Thanks ever so much for any replies and hoping for good days for all.

  2. Missnae1

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    I don't feel sick, such as cold, flu, etc. But for the last couple of years my white blood cell count has been high and I've had more blood tests than I care to count. My doctors seem to discount the importance of this, but I don't agree. I'll check with Doctor tomorrow to get actual count and normal range. It's just that I'm having such a time with fatigue and pain and know the drill. Terrible sinus pain and pressure. Sigh...and sorry to be whiny.

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    I have had a high white blood cell count since I was eight years old and sometimes the count sky rockets up and sometimes it is just high normal. Either way for years it was monitored and i when for blood work every six months. This can be a sign of infection but usually doctors will check this first. If he found no infection likely that is why he told you it is nothing to worry about. It can alos indicate other autoimmine disorders- when my count went way up that is when I was sent to the RM doctor because they thought I may have remehtoid (sp?) arthritis. But I do not. Basically they looked at everything and anything to decide that I have FMS and the white blood cell count is normal for me- that is 10 percent of the population have a naturally high count. I presented all the symptoms of FMS, my dad has FMS, I had no symptoms of anything else ergo the white count does not indicate one of those other conditions. As far as i know this is not a normal thing for people with FMS or they would use it in diagnosis- instead it rather confuses the diagnosis. FMS apparently does not show up in any sort of blood work- as of yet. This is just anouther little wierd thing I suppose. You are the first I have heard that has this as well as myself. My doctors have told me the same thing though, it is nothing to worry about.
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    Thank you!!
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    My last bloodwork also showed increase in wbc. Same here. doc said not enough to worry about. It has been a bit high more often than not however, for few years. Never was explained to me if it could be FMS related.
    At one time in the 80's it was elevated to the point, i was diagnosed with leukemia. But then it continued to go down but never normal. I had not been diagnosed with FMS at the time but had some other stuff going on. The docs determined it was just "naturally" elevated ! I quit smoking, however and it became normal...until recently... Now, your post makes me question fms connection !
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    Have you been tested for lupus? My friend had a high white blood cell count for a long time before she was finally diagnosed with lupus. Just a suggestion. Otherwise it must be just, like the other's said, your normal WBC count. I have a very low basal temperature, 96.7-97.1, normally, and that is different. Averages are averages. :)
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    My WBC 13.8 Normal range is 4.1 - 11.3. Guess it's not that high, but wouldn't you agree it's worth investigating?
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    ...for more input now that I have the numbers.