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  1. Anne7680

    Anne7680 New Member

    I am suppose to have some bloodwork done tomorrow. Part of the bloodwork was ordered by my rheumatologist and includes an autoimmune panel and things like sed rate, inflamation, etc.

    I have been running a fever for the last several days which I think is a virus as several other people I have been around have the same thing.

    The last three weeks I have noticed that I have been running a fever of 99-99.6 degrees at night. Maybe longer as I just thought it was the usual aching from FM/ME.

    This is unusual for me as I usually have a low body temp. I have no symptoms of sore throat or anywhere else other than a tremendous increase with pain and aching as I think this thing has thrown me into a flare. I have not run a temp. with the CFS, so do not know if this is the start of something new.

    Should I have the blood tests if I am running a fever? I would think that would skew the results but am not sure.

    I would appreciate any feedback. I probably will call my doctor's nurse tomorrow to doublecheck.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  2. Anne7680

    Anne7680 New Member

    That is a good point that I had not thought of.

    When I first had these tests they were normal but that was four years ago. So maybe seeing a difference even in the usual blood tests like sed rate, white blood count which I had done six months ago.

    Thanks, Anne
  3. Doober

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    I would have the blood test done during a fever.

    When you get a fever, your antibodies are kicking in to fight what ever caused you to have the fever.

    These may lay dormant during the rest of the time, but now that they are awake, this should hopefully show something in the blood work.

    Wait for the results and what ever abnormalities show, I would question them. Don't mention the fever to anyone until after the test results are back.

    That way, no one can down play anything because of this until the results show.

    Your fever could be a flare, or the start of one and now that everything should be "kicked" up in your blood, something is bound to show up.

    With the results you can ask the DR what could cause the results. Don't tell him/her that you had a fever until after all the discussions take place to make sure you are satisfied with what you hear.
  4. Anne7680

    Anne7680 New Member

    Well, I am going back and forth on what to tell the doctor.

    My doctor is really good, so I want to be up front with him. If something shows up I think he would run the tests again. However, I think I am just in a horric flare and I think the fever brought it on.

    The other reason I will probably tell him is this is the doctor who is going to fill out my disability papers in June. I have private disability, thank goodness.

    So while going back and forth, at this time I think I will tell him. Maybe, LOL.

    If he were someone who tends to dispute FM/ME, I might do differently.

    Thanks for your replies.

  5. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    yes get it done then they can see you during a flare

    also inflamation is prob worse right now with temp up

    i saw one patient who went in morning and tested ok mild and tehn felt much worse later and was tested again and test showded much worse

    this fluctuates so if he is nice and will do it again go for it
  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ....if you are running a fever that is unusual for you. You say that you've had a low-grade fever for the past 3 weeks at night;/ anything over about 100.2 isn't considered low-grade anymore, so if that's what you've had for the past several days, get it checked out---probably it IS just a virus, but as long as your rheumy's running bloodwork for sed rsate, etc. anyway, get a CBC also....very routine, and not expensive. Just to rule stuff out, and for your own peace of mind.

    My two-week fever ended up being unusually serious, most are attributed to less serious causes (such as a virus) but it's never a bad idea to get stuff ruled out.

    And I hope you feel a lot better soon!


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