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    I had some blood drawn a couple of weeks ago and when I called to get the results I was told that "everthing was normal". They said that they did a test called an ANA which was to show them autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, and fibromyalgia. They said that people with FM show this blood test to be abnormal. I have always heard and thought differently. That FM cannot be put into that catagory and that they test for things like Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis because FM has alot of the same symptoms. Am I way off base? They say that people that have FM show this blood test to be in abnormal range. Is it me or are they trying to call me a fake. I was already called a fake once today by my hubby and don't need this from them if it's not true. I am so devastated. Am I NUTS? Am I a hypochondriac like my hubby infered? If this is it, I am done. I will not go on this way. I am so depressed that I can't hardly think straight enought to type this post. Some help would be appreciated.

    Suffering, teawah
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    I hate these doctors!!!!!

    Oh, sorry, had to vent. NO YOU ARE NOT a hypochondriac! My ANA came back normal as well. If I remember right it only has to do with hepatitis and Lupus. FM will not show up in the ANA.

    Stupid Docs

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    To my knowledge there is NO blood test for FM/CFS diagnosis. Every blood test I had were always within normal range. The blood tests are to rule out other illnesses. For sure you are NOT nuts but unfortunatly our DD is not always acknowledged/accepted by the medical community. My PM is skeptical re FM - his collegue diagnosed me after 1 1/2 years of tests. Please do not let this doc get you down. Keep searching for a knowledgeable doc in this area. I hear they are out there! I wish you had a more understanding husband - support is so important, especially from family. I am glad you are posting and checking out this board. You will find you are not alone and that we are all struggling to get a grip on this DD. It will also give you strength and insight to keep fighting.

    Hang in there,
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    Hi Teawah: No, you're not crazy OR a hypocondriac(sp?-brain fog). ALL of my blood work (and they did everything) came back in the normal range. The only thing that "might" be a problem is that my SED rate (shows inflammation within body) went up from 20 to 25 within a couple of months (but, of course that was back in October and 25 is not high). I've always been told there was no test for fibro. Please don't feel like a "fake". I think every one of us thinks that question every day; I know I do a lot. From now on I'm going to remember your other post about your hubby and how you WANTED to have this DD (it was very good!). I think the people closest to us get so tired of seeing us like this and that they want us to "get well" and are upset because we can't just make it go away. Hang in there. It's so hard to keep your spirits up when you're against the world. {{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}
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    You can have Lupus and in rare cases the tests will all be normal......... I for a fact am going through this right now. My blood work is all pretty normal with the exception of the Sed rate which has been at 72 which is very high and showing inflamation.

    So the moral to the story is: things can "look" normal but sometimes they are "NOT"

    From my understanding....there is no "test" for Fm or CFS

    Dont feel bad.......

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    Hi! Don't let your husband OR your doctor's office tell you that a positive ANA shows Lupus or FM. Shoot...some people with Lupus don't even have a positive ANA. My regular dr. tested me and my ANA came back positive and he sent me to a Rheumy who did another one which came back negative. I have heard that they vary widely. There is no difinitive test for FM and dx. for Lupus takes a very long time. It is very hard on us people who have FM because it is "invisible" to other people. No outward physical symptoms. You are not a hypocondriac! I am noticing more and more that people with FM seem to know more about it than most drs.
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    I recently have had a very high rheumatoid factor, but since I don't have rhematoid arthritis symptoms, the rheumatologist at Mayo Clinic said it didn't mean anything. I mean, what is the use of these tests if when they DO come up abnormal it "doesn't mean anything"? To quote Charlie Brown: AUUUGHH!!! Take Care.