bloody nose and migraines

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yellowstrawberry, May 26, 2008.

  1. yellowstrawberry

    yellowstrawberry New Member

    I have been having bloody nose with migraines.I have had migraines for years but never a bloody nose with it.Does anyone know if this is a serious problem, or is it common?
  2. doloresf1

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    Hi there. I don't have an answer for you but, I was wondering if your blood pressure has been running a little high. That could cause the headache and could precipitate a nosebleed. Personally, I'd want to talk to the doctor if I were you. I hope someone here has more real answers for you.

  3. yellowstrawberry

    yellowstrawberry New Member

    I actually have low blood pressure, not alarmingly low I guess, the doctors have never seemed alarmed and I have had it my entire life.That is a reason for nose bleeds I have heard.Thanks~~~Sherry~~~
  4. hi all,

    my mum was a fibromyalgia sufferer,and she used to have the occasional nose bleeds with it.bleeds in her eyes too.

    her doctor told her, it was when her blood pressure had gone high.

    see your doctor.

    let us know whats is said please.

    hugs and love from fran
  5. yellowstrawberry

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    No it is pure blood, I have done nothing different or anything but I do feel more fatigued than I usually do and with CFS, you can just imagine.The Provigil was great but lately it has not helped much. I have called my doctor and am waiting for a call back, my next appt, is mid June.Thanks~~~
  6. yellowstrawberry

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    As I mentioned before I have had low blood pressure all my life so it isn't that.I haven't started anything new and I have no signs of an infection.I was just wondering since we have so many unusual things go wrong, if it is part of the FM/CFS.I will be going to the doctor mid June but I called today and left a message about this.So, when I find out I will let yall know.Please keep posting if you have any nput about this migraine/nose bleed thing~~~Thanks~~~