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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spongebobmama, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I would like to rephrase my question from yesturday. Has anyone had a really bad bloody nose?? I had to spent the whole night in the ER after being there earlier in the day. They cauterized the heck out of it which seemed to cause more weak spots.One false sneeze and the blood was streaming out again. So they shoved a "Rhino Rocket " up my already swollen nostril. I stopped the dr. before she got it all the way in. I then had an IV and some Morphine and they tried again with a smaller thing, it looked like a tampon dried up. Then they added water to it. It grew and grew. It didn't hurt at this point,so the job was done. We drove home with the sun coming up.Good thing it was Saturday. Now I'm getting ginormous clots sliding down the back of my throat. I can't breath really well at this point. They said I could use Afrin to keep the extra bleeding down and it also opens the nose a little. I don't generally use Afrin type sprays anymore after getting seriously dependant on them.So,I'd love to hear any stories you all have had with this topic. Misery loves company??? Love Spongebobmama
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    It is monday and I hope my ENT doc calls to tell me to come in. I thought they probably will do more cauterizing. I will threaten to pull the Tampn out myself. I have very low BP,thank God but I do like salt. I think a combo of snoring and my sleep apnea (can't us my C-PAP because of the sores) and the woodstove that my hubby loves to crank up. It really isn't that cold out yet.but it is a guy thing, fire and all that. I will get my humidifier out and fire it up. I also had a bloodclot in the back of my throat. I managed to kinda suck it out like you would with phlem. What a relief to get that Monster bloodclot. The ENT doc ordered some fancy dancy saline spray costing $10!! It is from California they say it has herbs and magic stuff in it. I will get the Ocean. That is a great trick with the Afrin. It helped over the weekend to stave off a small bleeder. I feel like I have a cold with the "tampon' still in there. I also was bleeding all over the place. I called my husband from work to drive me to the ER. Then it started again at 11pm Saturday nite. We stayed all nite there,waiting and waiting.They would come in,do some stuff and leave for awhile. I could hear it was a busy nite for them. We finially got back home also did a pharmacy run. I was in a lot of pain and needed some Vicodin. It really helped. I will wait and probably call the ENT office just so they haven't forgotten me. Thanks again for sharing. Love Sharyn (Spongebobmama)
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    I called my ENT and yes I do have to keep the tampon in at the very least,until Friday. I am still getting pressure and pain when I bend over. I do that carefully and try to keep my head up. The tampon is really bugging me now. I get this strange pain like a sneeze feeling that goes into a sorta spasm. It lasts about 15 sec. but it isn't fun. I feel like I have a cold d/t the thing clogging up my nose. I went to work today and had a bad dizzy spell near the end of the shift. I really never get dizzy. I was bending over. I think I'm going to cut some of my meds down slowly as my mouth is so dry day and night. I want to keep the Cymbalta though. It was the original reason I was writing my first question. I haven't read anywhere in the drug handbooks at work about nosebleeds.Only on the internet. Some med forum talking about Cymbalta and bleeding from the nose. If I could just make it until Friday. Thanks, Sharyn

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