BLUEROSE 7 !!!! I V`E WON!!!!

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    ***Well,, just wanted to let you know I WAS APPROVED! that day that i went to ss. office ,, remember i told you ? i had app with them they wanted to verify if everything was right ,,,i`m still numb ,,,,,,,,, it took only 7 months ,,,,,it`s blessing!! they said i would get my first check next month Jan. she couldn`t tell me anything else she wasn`t in that dept. !!!!!!!! but why haven`t i gotten a letter from them yet ,,,i guess i`ll just wait,,, RIGHT? so do you think i`ll get some back pay? GOSH! i owe the hosp. and dr.`s ,,, my asking about this because i have a friend who didn`t get no backpay at all ,,, she got stuck with all the bills not being paid ,,,so what they did they did benefits selling bar-b -que plates and garage sales it was sad ,,,, i don`t want to go that route,,, but anyway just wanted to let you know thank you very much for your support,,,, you been great ,,,,,and hope you are feeling fine you`ll been in my prayers i`ve myself have been very stess out with all this ,,,i don`t know i can`t believe it,,, i just want some prove from them ,,,, but i`ll keep you posted,,,,TAKE CARE BLUEROSE7! AND THANK YOU,,AGAIN ,,,,,gmom,,,,,,
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    bumping for bluerose7!!!!!
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    Blueroses7! hope you get to see this!!,,,gmom,,,,
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    i was approved on sept. 15, 2005...i received mymoney on 11/29 in my checking acct...and still to this day i have not received the letter saying was awarded and the i don't know if they are not sending out those letters yet or just being the govt...the important thing is i got my money and they gave back pay////

    good luck


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    I am so so HAPPY for you!!! What a relief and blessing!!! Sorry I haven't been here much lately...been right down and alot going on getting ready for christmas....

    This sure is great news to read this morning...WOW I am over joyed for you!!! Thank God!!

    About some of your questions....It may be awhile before you rescieve a was for me....I think it was several weeks after i found out I had won...then I got my letter.....You may even get your check first before getting you approval letter....that happens's a little different with each person and state....But if the lady at SS told will get your check in January...then you will....the letter may come after or before your check...can go either way!!!

    About not sure about your backpay!! If it's been 7 months sence you applied...I know you will get at least 2 months worth of backpay.... also depends on how long you were out of work before you applied and what date you put down that you became disabled on there paperwork....What was the date you put down for becoming disabled????

    There is a 5 month waiting period regardless....but this gets a little for example...I became disabled and out of work in july 2004....but i didnt apply for disability until febuary I had already waited my 5 months out before applying for disability....they counted back all the way to the time i became disabled and out of I got back pay for 6 months from January to july....I hope this makes sence to Im having brain-fog this morning!!

    Big Congrats to you hun!!! Your mind can rest at ease a little now!!

    Hope you have a wonderful & Blessed Christmas!!!

    ((((Hugs)))) & Prayer

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    Bump for gmom to see!!